7 Best Men’s Timepieces By Oris In 2021

Oris Watches is one of the best timepieces brands in the market nowadays. Oris’ collection of watches is of the same quality as some of the top luxury brands but sold at the lower price range. There are many popular Swiss watch brands, but there is one particular aspect of Oris watches that shows its certain appeal with timepiece enthusiasts. The strict use of mechanical watch movement in all of its products, as the market is dominated by quartz watch movements; Oris Watches exudes tradition that comes with a special and wondrous kind of charm.

 Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch

Oris watches are known for divers. Specifically, the Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch has a chunky overall style. It is not possible to quickly substitute its integrated bracelet. Due to the polished outer ties, it looks rugged and violent, but somehow elegant. The Aquis Date Blue Dial Watch bracelet is so well designed and so easy to wear. It is solid and well machined. It tapers nicely, and the milled-out clasp is good. There is a proper milled diver’s extension 

Classic Date Watch

The Classic Date watch, classy with a modern twist, is a timepiece that exudes elegance and professionalism. These two considerations make it, in general, a highly recommended executive watch and a dress watch. The Classic hits a definite homerun with what it set out to do, in terms of aesthetics. Case in point, around the edge of the dial, the guilloche pattern. 

Also in low-light conditions, the hands and markers are all painted with a luminous finish for greater legibility. The company’s patented movement-the caliber 733 automatic movement with analog display-is inside the Oris Classic. This timepiece also comes with a date display neatly placed at the 6 o’clock spot, as the name implies.

Also, the Oris Classic comes with a 38-hour power reserve and up to 50 meters of reasonable water resistance, having the capability to prevail over the occasional splash of water.

Force Recon GMT Watch

A highly versatile top-of-the-line timepiece, the Force Recon GMT excels as an outdoor wristwatch. In both its performance and its style, this heavy-duty timepiece packs a wallop. For one thing, it has a huge black titanium case with a diameter of 49 mm. This is a watch made for wider wrists/hands. The use of titanium material gives increased longevity to the wrstwatch while keeping it comparatively lightweight.

Oris ‘in-house designed automatic movement is installed inside the fortress-like case, which supplies this timepiece with an additional 38-hour power reserve. The Force Recon also comes with a date display at the 3 o’clock position in addition to its GMT feature and is one of the best outdoor timepieces Oris has in its metalworks.

Big Crown Pointer Date Watch

A vintage-style timepiece with modern features is the Big Crown Pointer Date. The retro-modern combination makes it, aesthetically-wise, an appealing watch. It can also back up its prestige with outstanding construction that greatly benefits from the attention to detail of the brand’s eagle-eye.

While the antique style, a nice dress watch, and leather straps also make the Big Crown a nice casual wristwatch every day. It has a polished and subdued appeal that enables it to stand out from the rest effortlessly. As the name indicates, with a measurement of 40mm, this timepiece is relatively large. It is a little voluminous, yes, but that size is part of the retro charm of it. An auto-winding movement to go along with its analog display is inside the stylish case.

Chronoris Date Watch

The Chronoris series is one of the trendiest Oris lines of watches. This particular series is a direct tribute to the history of Oris, especially the racing circuit, within the sports industry. The Chronoris exudes a retro race car-inspired aesthetic and is sure to be a hit for timepiece collectors who want something visually special and closer to an earthly charm.

The Chronoris uses automated gestures with an analog monitor of the Oris caliber 733. This watch movement technology also offers an additional 38-hour power reserve for the timepiece. In terms of architecture, the Chronoris excels in fine detail in delivering the theme. You may also note how there are different grooves between the two crowns. It helps to allow users with just a touch to differentiate between the two. Besides, the Chronoris has a resistance to water of up to 100-meters.

 Diver Sixty-Five Watch

Once again, we are back in the diving watch category with the Diver Sixty-Five. In this type of watch, because Oris has developed quite a reputation, you can expect the Diver Sixty-Five to offer satisfying performance and functionality. The Diver Sixty-Five takes a fairly subtle approach in terms of architecture. It comes in two variations: models of the single crown and the triple crown.

When it comes to functionality, the Diver Sixty-Five is, first and foremost, an all-rounded water timepiece. While not at the same level as the Aquis watch series, the Diver Sixty-Five comes with solid 100-meter water resistance. It also features a one-way bezel and luminous markers and hands that use a super-luminous radium coating.

Artelier Alarm Automatic Watch

Oozing with a sophisticated and elegant charm, Artelier exemplifies the brand’s signature style of blending tradition and modern aesthetics. With its fine attention to detail, the watch excels with every fragment that exudes Oris’ first-class craftsmanship. The polished stainless steel case and bracelet, combined with a two-tone gold and silver finish, give the Artelier a high-end look that makes it a splendid choice as a dress watch.

Measuring at 42.5mm, the Arterlier is ideal for men. This timepiece is also powered by Oris’ automatic self-winding motion. The detailed and professional-looking dial is also enclosed in a sturdy sapphire crystal window. Also, it features a stainless steel bezel that can be operated using a top-notch mechanism. 


As one of the most versatile mid-range watches brands on the market today, Oris is also known for its high-quality mechanical movement watches. If you want a timepiece that exudes an air of luxury and can hang on to some of the luxurious brands on the market today with a more sensible price tag, Oris timepieces should always be at the top of your list.

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