7 Essential Tips for Admission into Best Civil Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

The job of engineering is so reputable and social pressure is so much that most of the parents want their kids to become an engineer without even considering the fact that not all are cut out to be an engineer. But if you are still planning to go for engineering college, you have to think carefully if you really want to pick it as your only career option and also think carefully if you are determined to pick especially the civil engineering stream.

There are some of the best civil engineering colleges in Bangalore like IIIT-B, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, etc. And if you really think this is the best option you have got, here are some of the essential tips for you that will help in getting admission in best Civil engineering colleges.

1. Find out do you really want to be an engineer : Do you really know what exactly Civil engineering is and are you really comfortable with the course than any other courses that you know about? If you are, only than you should go for admission in engineering college otherwise it will be a waste of time, money and you will find all your life trapped in wrong profession. So, first be sure what exactly do you want.

2. Pick right subjects : For engineering course, you need to pick right subjects as well. Only students who have picked Physics, chemistry and Math as the subject in their senior secondary, can appear in the entrance exams conducted for the seats in engineering colleges.

3. Go through your syllabus thoroughly : If you think picking Physics, Chemistry and Math, also known as PCM, will be enough , you are so wrong. Marks too matter when it comes to entrance exams. Ranking in entrance exams matters much but how much you have managed to score in your 12th exams is also important. There are set minimum marks that are required to appear in the college counselling. Different colleges also ask for the marks you have scored. Besides, the more you understand your syllabus, the easier it will become for you to prepare for entrance exams.

4. Prepare for entrance exams : Preparing for exams is a very important part. Not only you have to go through the entire syllabus you had in your 12th but there are other tricky questions that you also need to prepare. You can get good books in market or you can join a good coaching centre for the same. You need to train yourself to solve the sum accurately in least possible time.

5. Pick wisely what type of entrance exam you want to appear in : There are two types of entrance exams for engineering. One is state level where different states of India conduct separate exams for the engineering colleges in their states and other in national level like JEE where anyone can apply for the seats no matter which states he belongs to.

6. Pick right colleges : There are many colleges in India that are so prestigious that many times students do not give heed to which subjects they are getting as far as they are getting seats in these colleges which is a wrong. If you could not get seats in colleges like IIT, pick best in your own state that offers specialization in civil engineering. Some of the best civil engineering colleges in Bangalore are IIIT-B, RV College of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, MVJ college of Engineering, BMS college of Engineering, RIT Bangalore, etc.

7. Without entrance exams : You can even get admission in engineering college without going through the entrance test for engineering. If you have a polytechnic diploma in Civil engineering you can simply get admission in engineering college directly in second year.