7 Foods That Go Well With Your Coffee

Coffee is among the world’s most popular beverages, and many individuals consume it daily. Based on a study on the consumption of coffee in 2016, approximately 49% of adults in the US drink coffee daily. 

Coffee is a popular drink not just for its stimulating qualities but also for its rich flavor. As such, drinking coffee is a great way to start your day. In addition, it offers many benefits, such as increasing your energy and alertness. 

There are many ways to prepare coffee. You can make coffee at home with an automatic pour-over coffee maker. There are many excellent coffee makers to make brewing coffee a cinch.  Or, if you’re pressed for time, you can always head to the nearby coffee shop. 

Let’s not forget about pairing coffee with your favorite eats! If you usually drink coffee by itself, it’s time to switch things up. A coffee-food pairing can create a congruous balance, bringing out the best of the two. 

But what goes well with coffee?

If you’re not sure, this list can give you some ideas:

1. Donuts

One classic food to pair with your coffee is the donut. Coffee and donuts are two of life’s greatest pleasures. So, it only makes sense that you should enjoy the two together. 

Donuts can come in different shapes and sizes. They range from plain to decked out and taste delicious with coffee. In all cases, pairing the two can never go wrong! 

A classic go-to donut is the glazed raised yeast doughnut. Of course, a glazed donut is delicious. Plus, it has a great texture and taste that goes wonderfully with a morning cup of Joe. 

2. Chocolate

A pairing of coffee and chocolate, whether white, dark, or milk chocolate, is always a hit. While enjoying this delicacy, pair sweet chocolates with sweeter and lighter coffee. This pairing enables the flavors to complement each other. 

We recommend pairing coffee with dark chocolate. Studies show that dark chocolate improves health. Eating this delicious dessert can help prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure.

3. Toast

Coffee and toast is another perfect pairing. Besides being affordable and easy to make, eating them together will energize your day. Plus, it’ll make you feel great due to its nice savory taste. 

While using an automatic pour-over coffee maker, wondering what to pair your coffee with, consider toast! As a side note, consider eating whole-wheat bread if you’re opting for a healthy breakfast. 

4. Muffins

A pairing of coffee and your favorite muffins is a great on-the-go breakfast. This is an easy choice for those looking for a flavorful and quick breakfast. Try a classic chocolate chip muffin paired with a blonde coffee latte for a delicious treat.

Or, bring a muffin with you to work to add extra flavor to your mid-day coffee! Muffins are delicious, and drinking coffee with them makes them even better. 

5. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich are popular pairings. For many, it’s a household favorite. The sandwich is easy to make and tastes delicious when paired with coffee.

If you’re used to a particular type of cheese, switch it up and try ordering oven baked grilled cheese to enrich your taste buds. The next time you’re unsure what to eat with your coffee, try a grilled cheese sandwich!


6. Bacon

One of the most common suggestions for eating with coffee is bacon. Bacon is a great food that tends to go well with just about everything. It especially goes great eating it during breakfast with coffee. 

If you are unloading on caffeine in the morning, have some bacon too!

7. Peanut Butter-Banana Pancakes

Going along with the breakfast trend, if it’s not too rich, eat bacon and pancakes! 

In particular, eating pancakes with peanut butter and banana is a great way to improve this breakfast staple. Pancakes with peanut butter and banana go very well with coffee. You can also top them with syrup or honey. You’ll have the perfect breakfast treat to get your day started right!

One thing’s for sure; you can’t go wrong with eating pancakes with coffee!


Drinking coffee in the morning is a great way to start your day. However, pairing it with other foods is even better! The flavors and textures of the foods you eat with coffee play a big role in your enjoyment. Some foods that go well with your coffee include bacon, donuts, chocolate, toast, grilled cheese sandwich, and peanut butter-banana pancakes. 

Eating these tasty foods in the morning with your coffee can help you start your day with a full belly. Even better, you’ll have the jolt of energy you need to conquer the day!

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