7 Most Popular Styles of Conference Tables

If you are like most business owners who have a dedicated office space and a few (or more) employees, it is likely that you also have a meeting room to work together in, when necessary. And if you are in need of a dedicated table for meetings and presentations in said room, you have more options than you may be aware of.

Conference tables come in so many shapes and sizes, it can be a little confusing to figure out which style is right for your office. There are a lot of things to consider before buying one of these tables. How many employees you have, how often you will be using it, what you will be using it for, and so on. 

However, the purpose of today’s post is to simply familiarize you with some of the most popular options on today’s market, so that you can make a well-informed decision. Here are the top 7 styles of recent years:

1. Rectangular-Shaped Table 

This is the most common type of meeting room table, with a rectangular shape that allows for plenty of seating space and a professional, formal look. It is best suited for traditional office spaces that want a simple, uniform look as most work desks are also rectangular. 

2. Round-Shaped Table

Round conference room tables are a good option for smaller meetings and offer a more collaborative and less hierarchical atmosphere. This allows for a more free-flowing interaction between attendees. 

3. Boat-Shaped Table

Boat-shaped conference tables have a wider end and a narrower end, creating a more dynamic and visually interesting space. They are a great way to distinguish the conference room from other meeting areas.

4. Racetrack-Shaped Table 

Racetrack meeting room tables are oval-shaped and offer a more modern and contemporary look, bringing a trendy style to otherwise typical office décor.

5. Square-Shaped Table 

Square tables are a good choice for smaller meetings and can create a more intimate and informal atmosphere. This is a great way to get to know employees or make presentations to small groups.

6. Barrel-Shaped Table 

Barrel conference tables are circular and offer a unique, space-saving design. This is a popular choice for businesses that have small conference rooms or otherwise limited office space.

7. Wedge-Shaped Table 

Wedge-shaped tables are triangular in shape and can be a good option for smaller meetings or use in a corner of a room. Due to their design, they are very versatile and suitable for multiple different uses.

Things to Consider When Looking at Conference Tables

Ultimately, the style of table you choose will depend on the size and layout of your conference room, as well as the type of meetings you will be holding there. Be sure that you have performed the proper measurements before making any final purchases. Also, decide what type of features you would like your new table to have, such as cord/device access, USB ports, built-in power outlets, and anything else you may need for your work activities. 

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