7 Must-Know Facts About Internet Leased Line

In any business, there are variously administrative and operational expenses and one of the most critical ones is the internet connection. To improve productivity and performance a high-speed internet connection without setbacks in the connectivity. Slow down of data transmission is time lost. You cannot afford time loss in a business as time is money in any business. An internet leased line is what should be chosen for businesses where the bandwidth requirement is high and your business has to run critical applications then a high-speed, low-cost internet leased line is what you require. 

Even with the best broadband connection in Bangalore, the leased line will score high if the choice of internet connectivity is for businesses.

Before going in for an internet leased line there are several other facts besides speed and cost that you should know about internet leased line.

Facts about the internet leased line that you must know

With increased dependence on a digital platform for all activities the requirement of a reliable, high speed, low cost and secure leased line connection has become mandatory for businesses. A dedicated line will give you the advantage of maximum uptime and symmetric speed for downloads as well as uploads with the bandwidth allotted solely for your business. Now before you sign up for a leased line connection with a service provider there are several aspects you should know about a leased line.

#1. Bandwidth

In contrast to a broadband connection in Bangalore, a leased line service provider will provide you with a dedicated bandwidth that is solely for your business and no one else can access the connection. You will not experience speed setbacks during peak hours in a leased line since it is not shared by other users in the vicinity, unlike a broadband connection which is a shared network.

#2. An internet connection combined with a leased line

Some service providers may suggest having both broadband internet connection as well as leased line simultaneously to tackle any eventuality. But the fact is an internet connection will not be of much help since the problems with the leased line will persist if there is an issue with the installation. If the connection is business-critical, ask for a backhaul supplier which will make the downtime negligible or most unlikely.

#3. Maintaining balance in the upload and download speed

Leased line providers vouch for providing a balanced speed which means the download and upload happen at the same speed. If you have signed up for a connection offering you 10 Mbps speed, then it is solely for you and will not be shared by anyone else. The downloads and uploads will be faster, and more consistent and will not have any setbacks.

#4. Uptime

Normally the leased line contract with the services provider will be long-term. For a robust performance during the leased line period the service provider will invest in a solid infrastructure. With this kind of set-up, you can insist on an assured service availability which is measured by uptime. The uptime generally promised by the ISP will be 99.95% and so you should not agree to anything less. 

#5. Service Plan Amendment

If you have a vision for your business and you foresee an increase in the number of data users, then a leased line is the best option. If you need an increase in bandwidth and speed all you will need is the up-gradation of the service plan. With the up-gradation, which is a simple process, you will have a reliable network.

#6. Specific Service Level Agreement

Your leased line service provider will assure you a resolution of issues within a  defined period from the time of reporting the issue. As a customer, you will have the option to define the troubleshooting time and you should be aware of that. You should be able to dictate your terms concerning sorting out any issue since your business is at stake if any problem occurs with the connectivity.

#7. Choice of leased line connectivity

ISPs provide innumerable choices that can be very confusing. Just clarify the leased line connection path. It can either be a single path or a backup path. The backup path is slightly expensive but worth it. The term used for the connections is spur and ring. With a spur, there will be a single production path but with a ring, you will have a backup path that goes up instantly when one path fails. Always go for a backup path for uninterrupted connectivity.


Keeping in mind the data usage and the online activities conducted by your business, you may choose to switch from a broadband connection in Bangalore to a leased line connection. Before signing up for a leased line connection with a service provider, you will have to ask yourself various questions about the facts mentioned above to make a well-informed decision.


How does a leased line connection operate?

A leased line connection is a legal agreement between a service provider and a user. In exchange for a yearly, quarterly, or monthly fee, the provider provides a symmetric or bidirectional telecommunications line that connects two or more locations.

How to differentiate an internet leased line connection from a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated connection that is solely for your business and is not shared with other users in the locality. That means there is no contention. It is a point-to-point connection of your business to the local exchange and so you do not share the connection with anyone in the vicinity. In contrast, broadband is shared with several users in the locality and as such the speed may vary during heavy traffic which businesses cannot afford. 

How secure are the leased lines?

Leased lines are dedicated connections and provide a good level of security as pervasive access is not available. The risk of hacking is reduced and your business data will not be compromised.

Is it worthwhile to have a leased line for businesses?

Initially the leased lines seem costlier than the regular broadband connection. But considering the online activities that are being carried out in businesses, it is worth every penny spent. You will have consistent speed with negligible or nil downtime. The security and performance will also be guaranteed.