7 Push Notification Strategies to Increase App Engagement


For years, there is much debate over the most effective way to attract new users, but maintaining existing ones is just as crucial. However, one of the critical factors that keep your customers loyal to your app is if you provide what they are looking for be it UI/UX and others features. Therefore, when creating an app ensure all the key aspects. Despite that when you’re working on a clever retention strategy, push alerts are your best ally. To put it another way, android push notifications are a great way to communicate with your users in a meaningful and effective manner.

Push notifications will be a powerful tactic to keep your users informed about your app more smartly.  However, if you don’t utilize push notifications wisely, you might become trouble for customers. This is why you need to learn push notification strategies that help you to make the most of them. 

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What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are designed to reach your potential customers anytime and anywhere. These are small messages or pop-ups that are well-written to establish friendly relations with customers. They are often called the faster communication medium with users that allow them to stay connected with your app regarding updates, offers, new arrivals, and many more.

Why Push Notifications Strategies are Important? 

Having a Push notifications strategy is essential since 42% of users choose to opt to keep push notifications. With such a good ratio, creating a user-oriented push notification strategy can help you double the user’s opt-in and increase your engagement.

It’s a smart and successful strategy for speaking to your users in a way that gets their attention. 

Below you can find the seven push notifications strategies that increase app engagement. 

  1. Personalised Alerts

Using mobile apps may help marketers discover a lot about their customers and engage with them more directly. Examples of mobile app user events that may be useful to marketers include birthdays, approaching expiration dates (product releases, discounts, promotions, or other events that may be configured in a preference centre), and shopping cart abandonment.

Sending a push notice wishing them a happy birthday or just reminding them that their services are about to expire would show a deeper level of engagement.

  1. Discounts Alerts

Offering consumers discounts and promotions is one of the most basic forms of marketing. Advertisers may send push notifications with promotional content to entice users to use their app longer. Push notifications are significant to advertisers since they help them achieve this by examining their online behaviour and preferences.

  1. Transactional Alerts

Transactional messages include things like order confirmations, shipping and delivery notifications, welcome emails, and links for password resets. Similar to event-triggered messages, mobile push notifications can improve transactional messaging techniques.

For instance, a company may send an order confirmation email with a link that directs clients to an in-app page where they may review their order details and receive recommendations based on what other customers have purchased.

  1. App Updates Alerts

Informing your consumers of new app updates is a terrific method to use push notification marketing to your advantage. Unfortunately, many customers do not enable automatic app upgrades, so they are likely missing the new features or enhancements you have made. You may create a compelling and unique message to ask your customers to upgrade your app and thereby stay engaged. 

  1. Acquire the Opt-in

Making a good first impression is crucial. Additionally, you only get one chance to establish a first impression in both real life and marketing. Users won’t think twice about deleting your app if they have a bad first impression. Therefore, your onboarding should be well-planned and based on a sound approach.

Make an effort to craft a compelling iOS push notification message that explains why users should consent to receive push notifications from you. If their response is affirmative, you can then display the formal opt-in prompt, so they can confirm. Try to prompt them again a little time later if they select “no thanks.”

  1. Consider Map Behavior

Knowing what your users want is crucial if you want to make sure you are just providing them with value. You can monitor user purchasing patterns, responses to calls to action, and activity on content. Push notifications that respond to their actions will improve engagement and foster a solid bond with your users.

  1. Check your Permission Messages

If users are aware of the benefits of subscribing, push notification strategies that encourage subscription are successful. The permission messages present a chance to make your push notifications’ advantages crystal obvious. Consider your target audience, the advantages for your users, the frequency of push notifications, and a compelling headline when writing your permission language.


Push notification marketing for mobile devices is more efficient than most people realize. Push notifications have a great potential to increase app revenue and decrease attrition. These seven techniques should provide some useful inspiration for how to interact with app users.  Despite that, if you’re interested to check the best android and iOS push notification provider, look at WonderPush. 

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