7 Super-Friendly Games for Growing Kids

In the same way, another research conducted by the Dot Com Info way identified that the gaming market was worth $152 billion globally in 2019, 51 percent of which came from mobile games.

This implies that the gaming industry is prospering globally because of the increased smart phone usage, as they offer convenience while playing games. Besides this, the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions to stay at home have given kids a lot of free time to play and explore new genres of games.

So, if your kids are growing, and you’re looking to introduce them to some super-friendly and exciting games, then we’ve got you covered! Here is a list of top 7 exciting games that can turn out to be an absolute delight for your growing kids:

Game #1 Frisbee Forever

Like any other Frisbee game, this game is relatively easy to learn. Just like a real Frisbee game, the player is required to start from a stationary position. Then, the next step involves flicking the Frisbee; however, when you throw, make sure that you throw it properly so that it ends up on the right destination, such as a ring, star, etc.

Besides this, if you want to achieve a high score, you should try and achieve as many stars as possible because it will result in bonus points. So, if you can’t think of fun activities for your growing kids, then you should definitely recommend them to play Frisbee Forever, as it won’t just entertain them, but will help them improve their time management skills as well.

Game #2 Rush Hour

If your kids like playing car games, then you should definitely introduce them to this popular and exciting game called Rush Hour. This is a puzzle game in which the player is required to slide the car back and forward to be able to take the car out of the parking.

Due to the different difficulty levels, this game keeps its players attentive till the end. Moreover, it helps kids learn how to make logical choices and enhances brain power. Also, the good news is that your kids can either play this game online, in an app or as a board game.

Game #3 Space Kidnappers

If you think your kids love getting to know more about the space, and the different species available up there, then Space Kidnappers is the perfect game for them.

Apart from this, the enigmatic nature of this game makes it more thrilling for its players. This is because it involves saving the citizens from being kidnapped by the aliens.

Therefore, such games are not just a source of entertainment for your kids but can also help them improve their decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Wondering where to find this exciting game over the internet? There are many amazing online gaming websites available, such as the Unlimited Gamez MO that have a wide variety of games, like the Space Kidnappers.

Game #4 Word Finder

It is no secret that entertainment and learning should go hand in hand. Therefore, you can also introduce your growing kids to games that are not just fun but also help improve their cognitive skills, such as decision-making, problem-solving, creative, etc.

A very good example of such kind of game includes the Word Finder. Wondering why you should introduce your kids to this game? Here‘s what you need to know:

  • This game is known for enhancing the cognitive abilities of your kids and boosts brainpower.
  • Past Researches reveal that this game helps improve the vocabulary and strengthen spellings of its players.
  • The Word Finder improves both long and short-term memory as kids are required to search words mentioned in the World Bank.
  • Regularly playing the Word Finder can encourages a healthy sense of competition in your kids.

Therefore, if you’re looking to introduce a perfect blend of entertainment and learning, then this game should be your go-to choice.

Game #5 SimCity

By now, we know that games are a great source of entertainment and help your kids spend quality time. So, if your kids are running short of fun activities during quarantine, you can introduce them to exciting games, such as SimCity. This game encourages its players to build a city, thus enhancing their creative thinking skills.

Apart from this, while designing the city’s infrastructure, the kids are required to allot land for different purposes, including residential, commercial, etc., thereby helping your growing kids learn how to strategize. This won’t just help them in their daily lives but will help them in the future on a professional level as well.

Game #6 Colors Sudoku

Research shows that around 164 million people play video games in the US. Besides this, three-quarters of the Americans have at least one gamer in their household. This means that gaming is prevalent in the US.

However, many parents get concerned when their kids get addicted to violent video games. Are you too one of them? Don’t worry; we’ve got a better alternative for you! Instead of letting your kids get indulged in addictive video games that stimulate violent behavior and unethical practices in kids, you should introduce them to peaceful games, like the Colors Sudoku. 

This is because the Colors Sudoku helps flourish your kids’ problem-solving skills and deal with pressure situations proactively.

Game #7 Pictionary

Studying all the time can often make your kids exhausted. So, if you want to make them feel better, you should allow them to play fun games, such as Pictionary. This is because a past study revealed that 74 percent of respondents identified that playing games provide them with mental stimulation, while 79 percent identified them as a stress reliever.

Apart from this, games like Pictionary not only help your kids spend quality time but also are a great way of improving communication and creativity skills. Moreover, Pictionary can also be played in groups, thus helping inculcate team building and team management skills in your kids.

The Final Words

In a nutshell, a well-designed game can serve as an amazing source of entertainment, and at the same time, it helps improve your kids’ cognitive abilities and time management skills, which are a prerequisite to survive in today’s competitive world.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about your growing kids and looking for ways to entertain them, you should introduce them to the list of games mentioned above.

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