7 Useful Tools for Translating Website Content

Running your website in multiple languages is crucial for reaching a larger audience. It allows you to present details about your products and services to consumers without any barriers. To run a functional website in another dialect, you should translate your web content from English to the target language. Transforming your platform can be easy if you have the right tools. Below are useful tools to translate website content you will want to look at.

  1. Google Translate

Google Translate is usually the number one go-to translation platform. It supports over 100 languages, which include: English, French, Arabic, and Chinese. In addition, this option is free and is the default transcription software when you attempt to translate any language using the Google Search Engine. Similarly, this service provides fairly accurate interpretations since it uses artificial intelligence when making conversions. However, this app works best when converting between languages native to Europe.

If you want to translate articles or research papers, you are better off paying a professional. Pick Writers is a prime option for providing high-quality translations in various languages. You also get access to multiple features and add-ons when you work with this service.

  1. Bablic

Bablic provides more than just translation. This platform is an ideal option for the localization of an entire website. Therefore, this site gives tools that facilitate SEO, style editing, and web design. Also, you can use each of these options in over 30 languages. Unlike similar services, you may try Bablic for a limited time.

  1. CatsCradle 4

CatsCradle 4 is not directly a translation service. Instead, this website serves as an editor for translated content. Therefore, you can upload and edit content in another language using CatsCradle 4. Many translators like this site because it does not change the text format of the original document. In addition, you do not have to worry about missing text and broken links when using this platform.

  1. TranslateMe

If you are using Safari to access your website, then TranslateMe may be your best option. This service is reliable and offers you multiple features. Some of these options include keyboard shortcuts, toolbar buttons, and translation options. Likewise, you have the flexibility of converting a section or the entire webpage from one language to another when using TranslateMe.

  1. Rememberry

Rememberry offers you language learning and translation services. It can translate sections or entire web pages. In addition, this service supports over 100 languages from across the globe.

  1. Xtranslate

If you use Opera or Chrome as your default browser, you will want to consider using Xtranslate. Unlike other applications, this app leverages the services offered by Bing Translator, Google Translate, and Yandex Translate. The ability to use these three top translation services makes Xtranslate a powerful option if you are looking to translate your website’s content.

However, if you are running a business, you may want to use specific applications to translate content. Some of these translation apps are specifically designed for specialized use. Therefore, using these app types ensures quality translations.

  1. Reverso

As an AI-powered platform, Reverso leverages big data when creating translations. It can easily and quickly transcribe content from one language to another. The best part of using this application is that it can work in real-time.  


There are various useful tools for translating website content. Also, this article provides 7 options you should consider using. These tools include Google Translate, Bablic, CatsCradle 4, TranslateMe, Rememberry, Xtranslate, and Reverso.

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