A Guide to Camping Fridges

If you are looking to keep your food fresh and drinks icy cold in your next adventure in the outdoors, it is critical to bring along a portable camping fridge. With numerous camping fridges out there, it is a challenge where to start. 

What are camping fridges?

Portable camping fridges and freezers come in numerous sizes and capacities. The capacity can range from 40 litres to 60-litre units. These are the most versatile for a majority of needs. They are spacious enough for long weekends, especially if you are camping with several people. However, keep in mind that the bigger the fridge is, the bigger the spaces will be which occupy in your truck. It will also be heavier when filled. Additionally, larger fridges will require a higher current draw, and they might push your vehicle beyond its gross vehicle mass. You must consider a standard size and buy expansion inserts if you require extra capacity.

What is the advantage of a camping ridge?

The top advantage of bringing a portable camping fridge or freezer is that it keeps your food and beverages cool. It can also provide additional storage by serving as an extension to the fridge of your RV. Current units are highly energy-efficient and will not need too much power to keep running. It can keep your food and drink stash in good condition. High-quality portable fridge and freezers can keep running even in high ambient temperatures and on rough terrain.

Moreover, portable freezers and fridges for camping come in numerous colors. Carry handles are typically built into them for an effortless way to transport and move from one place to another. Some are also designed with wheels. Many models come with stainless steel liners and other special features such as LED display and digital thermometer. You will be able to keep track of the status and temperature inside.

What are solar panels needed to run a camping fridge?

The most critical thing is to make sure that the solar panels meet the specifications of the camping fridge. It is recommended to utilize a solar power panel to charge batteries rather than plug the fridge directly from the solar panel. The reason is the voltage will drop considerably if it gets overcast. Utilizing the battery means your fridge will be running even if the voltage of the solar panel will be dropping significantly due to inclement weather. In addition, you may want to consider Jackery solargenerator,  a  renewable energy to power all gadgets and electronic devices when camping.

What accessories are needed for a portable camping fridge?

The most crucial portable fridge accessory is a fridge cover. The reason is fridge covers help protect your fridge from environmental factors such as dust, dirt, and moisture in harsh environments. Covers also provide insulation which optimizes the effectiveness and power of your fridge.

At what temperature should the fridge and freezer operate? 

Home refrigerators typically run between 2° and 4°C, which is the best temperature range for food preservation. When it comes to camping fridges, some campers opt to have a temperature that is in the higher range to mitigate battery consumption. For freezing, home deep freezers operate somewhere between -18°. But when it comes to camping application, a -15° is more than sufficient and helps mitigate battery consumption.

What is the best size for portable camping fridges?

You must select the capacity based on how you intend to utilize the fridge. Thus, it would help if you considered how many people will be utilizing the fridge as well as how long you want the fridge to last. How much space in your truck can you spare for a portable fridge? Another crucial thing to note is that heftier fridges may have a higher storage capacity but will have increased power needs.

Double the fun by bringing along a fridge on your camping trips. It adds convenience to your outdoor adventures and makes sure that cool treats are on hand. Part of having an adventure is the thrill of preparing meals. Make sure these feasts are paired with drinks that have been cooled in a camping fridge.

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