A Homeowner’s Checklist Before Calling for Expert A/C Repair

Do you have an emergency A/C repair number on hand in case anything goes wrong with your cooling system? Are you itching to see whether it’s damaged or not and don’t know what to do next?

We highly recommend doing it now before the temperatures start to rise. We’ve compiled a checklist for you to check if you need A/C repair or not.Get your questions answered in our ultimate guide about how to become an electrician in California.

Do You Have Access to Electricity?

This isn’t a prank. Sometimes, technicians are sent to an A/C maintenance request to discover that the whole city was without electricity. You don’t want to end up paying for an AC checkup that wasn’t essential.

It’s also necessary to make sure the cooling system’s wiring isn’t compromised since this might trigger the system to stop working or, worse, cause a fire due to short-circuiting electrical wires.

When you’ve checked that there’s electricity and that the electrical wire is correctly plugged in, yet the system still won’t start, move on to the next step.

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Is the Air Filter on the Air Conditioner Clogged?

Air filters are critical for allowing cooled air to circulate freely through the ducts and vents. This will prevent the HVAC system from operating too hard to achieve the optimal temperature. Over time, an overworked system will create further issues, leading to the need to contact the AC repair service hotline right away to resolve the problem.

When you’re confident a clogged air filter isn’t forcing the house to cool down, move on to the next phase.

Have You Checked the Condensation Pump and the Air Conditioning Drain?

A water safety switch is one of the safety features used in most air conditioners. If water spills into your home, this function prevents the system from working, potentially causing damage to your floors and ceilings. Check for water in the pan under the unit, then flush out any blockages in the drain line. You should be able to turn on your air conditioner once more.

What About the Circuit Breaker?

It’s essential not to ignore a tripped circuit breaker. You should have your circuit breaker fixed for your HVAC if it has been tripped. However, if this occurs more than once, you should seek the expertise of an electrician. Circuit breakers trip for protection purposes because if it occurs again, there may be an underlying issue, such as something in the circuitry drawing more power than it should.

If you’ve been through both of these measures and it’s still not running, call a technician. Certified air conditioning service firms in Fresno are ready to provide you with your air conditioning problems.

Examine the Thermostat’s Settings

Try testing the HVAC system’s thermostat settings before contacting an air conditioner repair contractor. When you flip on the air conditioner, the system is meant to start on its own.

You can double-check if the system is in cooling mode and that the temperature settings are correct. Be sure the temperature levels are lower than the room’s temperature.

Replace Your Thermostat’s Batteries and Check if it Turns On

To remove the faceplate, consult your instruction manual. In most instances, the cover has a thin lip that you can pry off with your palm. Replace the batteries in your thermostat and close the cover and see if the issue goes away.

If there are any electrical problems, you would be unable to resolve them on your own. Get an electrician or an HVAC technician to look at the issue.

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