Advantages Of One Person Company (OPC) || [Unofficial Guide]

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10 Admirable Advantages Of One Person Company

10 reasons – yes the admirable reason/advantages why any entrepreneur or business institution should opt for a one-person company are depicted as follows:

01: Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum one director.
  • Minimum one nominee.
  • Minimum one shareholder.
  • Directors and shareholders can be the same person.
  • To separate it from other companies, the letter ‘OPC’ will be given the suffix with the name of OPCs.

As compared to private limited companies OPC has to face a little compliance burden. So, OPC can focus more on other functional and core areas than any other firm registration.

02: Complete Separate Entity

Not only separate entity – it too is a separate legal entity. Yes, OPC — One Person Company is a separate legal entity.

And it is capable of doing everything that that of an entrepreneur.

03: SSI

SSI stands for Small Scale Industries!

It is a One Person Company advantage or benefit, given to all small industries.

Likely to be contained — low-interest rates, easy money from the bank, foreign trade policy and many other benefits on loan without any security deposit.

All these benefits can be a board for any business in the early years.

04: Normal Funding

Another alternative is normal or easy funding.

Yes, it is a company which is a private company. However, OPC can raise money through venture capital, financial institutions, fairy investors, etc.

On the other hand, an OPC can raise money in such a way that he can graduate himself into a private limited company.

05: Less Or No Complaints

It too is one of the biggest advantages of all!

Well, the company is the only type of corporate entity which can be started and operated by a single promoter, which is often known as the shareholder.

While it is done with limited liability protection in India.

Whereas, under a person company, a business having a relevant existence and easy proprietary transferability is corporately protected by a fully legal entity.

06: Level Opportunities

OPC yield a level up opportunity!

In other words, One Person Company is that – which yield opportunities to all. Since liability of OPC is limited to the extent of the share of the shares held by you, the person can take more risk without affecting or suffering the business.

Fast forward, personal property loss and incentive for new, young and innovative start-ups are also allotted under the OPC.

07: A Single Owner

Literally, you are able to control and manage the business without just following any lengthy procedures and procedures.

To which — it is only helpful in making quick decisions, as adopted in other companies.

However, the sense of belonging inspires the business to grow more and more.

08: Receive Interest

Receive interest on any late payment — OPC leverages all the benefits under the Enterprise Development Act, 2006.

To which the new start-up OPC is subtle, small or medium. So, somehow they come under this act.

According to the act, if the buyer or receiver receives payment from any time (receives payment after a specified period).

09: Increase Prestige

OPC which is too known as one person company increases the prestige.

However, it is not found in all other registrations. Needless to say that – to whom the Saturday belongs, suffer it. Here, you are allotted with all prestige.

To which — any of the business units that run as a company always gets an extended belief and reputation.

12: Abstract Capacity

Despite other registrations, it has the ability to borrow.

And this can be said because the bank and financial institutions prefer to pay money to a company despite a partnership firm or sole proprietary concerns.

Whereon, the OPC (One Person Company) can’t be issued by the equity security because it can be borrowed by only one person at all times.

This was all about the advantages of one person company.

At last, needless to say, that  —  opt to have the  OPC registration with the help of LeadingFile experts at the lowest prices.


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