All you are required to learn and understand concerning men’s health

Irrespective of your age, as a man, it is essential to always play an active role in your health by attending wellness screenings and annual checkups. Doing so allows your physician to detect some underlying medical conditions early before severe complications arise. That is why Integrated Family Medical Center offers men’s health care services like STD screening and prostate cancer screening to ensure you remain healthy as a man. Below is all you should know concerning men’s health.

Why is it essential to have regular checkups?

Regular checkups are usually essential not only to men but also to women. You start your checkups by identifying a physician you trust and start a relationship with them because it helps establish a baseline for your health. The main purpose of attending regular checkups is to help identify potential health risks before they become severe or complications arise. It also reduces your chances of developing certain diseases in the future. The health care specialists always ensure you are updated on any vaccinations available to protect your health during your annual checkup. Your vitals are also taken, including blood pressure, weight, and heart rate.

Your personal and family history are also essential parts of your annual examination because it provides your physician with information concerning some potential health risks to look out for, like diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Natural therapies and traditional treatments such as exercise and weight recommendations, and orthomolecular supplements are also given. Routine annual checkups can help diagnose and manage conditions in men by screening for prostate cancer and sexually transmitted diseases.

Why do you need an STD screening?

You are encouraged to have a regular STD screen in most cases, especially if you are sexually active and have unprotected sex or multiple partners. Most sexually transmitted diseases usually do not have indications or symptoms to show that the disease is present. Generally, STD testing is usually painless and quick. Your care provider usually inquires about your sexual interactions, like if you are experiencing any symptoms or if the sexual interactions were protected or not. STD testing entails blood tests, urine testing, physical exam, or cheek swab. For samples, the specialist might swab your anus, penis, throat, or any sores or blisters.

Why do you need prostate cancer screening?

It is important to go for routine prostate cancer screening because early diagnosis is usually the best way to ensure the treatment given is effective when it comes to cancer. In males, prostate cancer is the common type of cancer, but if it is diagnosed early and can be effectively cured and treated. The blood test that makes the diagnosis of prostate cancer easier is the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test. However, in case you have a family history of prostate cancer, your health care specialists may recommend the beginning of prostate-specific antigen screening as early as after attaining the age of forty. But all men should start regular digital exams and PSA screening once they are fifty years.

Some STD and prostate cancer can be quite challenging to treat, especially if they are in their late or chronic stages. Routine screening or annual examination is encouraged for early diagnosis and treatment of such conditions not only in men but also in women. Therefore, if you are interested in scheduling STD testing or annual health screening, get started by booking your appointment online at Integrated Family Medical Center today.

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