All You Need to Know About the Best Tape In Hair Extensions

Prepare to bid farewell to those old hair extensions and say a big hello to the fabulous and freshly developed tape in hair extensions! These beauties are here to transform your hair into a luxurious masterpiece, giving you abundant volume and length that will make you feel like royalty – yas, queen!

And guess what? The best tape in hair extensions are not just a passing trend; they will be the hottest sensation in town for the next one to two months! So get in on the action before everyone else catches on!

But hold on; it gets even better! These hair extensions are an absolute dream to wear. They are comfortable, non-harmful, and oh-so-versatile that you can rock a high ponytail without worrying. Say goodbye to painful tugs and struggles with wigs or clip-ins; these lightweight, airy extensions are all about ease and comfort. Your natural locks will thank you for the TLC!

And here’s the cherry on top: we chatted with the excellent Hairstylist Leah McMillan from Salon Meraki in Florida, and she spilled the tea on tape in extensions! She shared priceless tips on how to apply them flawlessly, how to keep them looking top-notch, and even the best hair types to use for that jaw-dropping transformation.

So, if you’re ready to level up your hair game and unleash your inner diva, it’s high time you get acquainted with some of the best tape in extensions. But before you dash to book your appointment, savor all the juicy details below. Trust me, your crowning glory will thank you later, and you’ll turn heads like never before!

Unlike Clip-Ins, Tape In Hair Extensions Must Be Installed Professionally!

Picture this: tape in extensions—the magic one-to-one-and-a-half-inch sections of hair, pre-taped with medical-grade glue, ready to transform your locks into a dreamy wonderland! But hold your horses—this is no DIY project like clip-ins; we’re talking pro-level stuff here! It would help if you enlisted the expertise of a licensed cosmetologist to work their magic.

When it’s time for the big reveal, make sure your hair is squeaky clean and ready to shine because that’s the key to ensuring the adhesive sticks like a charm! Once your hair is beautifully straightened or blown out, the hairstylist will perform their tape-in sorcery, expertly “sandwiching” two wefts of extensions with your hair in the middle. Voilà, instant volume, and length, fit for a queen!

Oh, and did I mention the best part? No tools or chemicals are required for this hair magic! It’s a gentle, hassle-free process that’ll have you strutting your stuff with newfound confidence. So, why wait? Time to unleash the power of tape in extensions and let your hair reign supreme!

Tape-ins, the fabulous hair extensions, will stick with you for eight to ten weeks, rocking your look with flair! Of course, their lifespan depends on how much your hair grows and the top-notch quality of those extensions. But hey, when the time comes for a refresh, no worries! Our skilled hairstylist will work their magic, safely taking them out like a pro.

No need to fret about any discomfort or damage to your lovely locks! Oh no, our hairstylist is armed with a particular tape-in remover solution that makes the whole process a breeze, leaving your natural hair untouched and oh-so-gorgeous. Get ready to shine, darling, as we keep your hair game strong, one extension at a time!

Best Tape in Hair Extensions Are in Different Textures

Get ready to dive into the world of tape in extensions, where we’ve got a fabulous array of hair textures to suit everyone’s taste, from Type 1 to Type 4 hair! Now, if you’re blessed with luscious curls, we’ve got a tip for you to rock that popular luxurious long-pressed look. 

You’ll need to treat yourself to a blowout or silk press so your natural hair perfectly blends in with those sleek straight extensions. Talk about a stunning transformation!

Manufacturers like New Times Hair have your back, and they want you to be aware that as your hair grows, those wavy and curly textures will start peeking through, adding even more dimension to your fabulous ‘do. Embrace the change, baby!

We highly recommend extensions that match your natural hair type for a long-lasting and seamless result. That way, you’ll rock your hair confidently all day, knowing your locks look effortlessly on point. So, let’s get ready to take your hair game to new heights and embrace the perfect blend of natural and extension magic! You’re about to rock it, darling!

You Can Wash Your Hair With Tape In Hair Extensions on

Hey, gorgeous! We’ve got some insider tips to keep your tape in extensions looking flawless. Since this semi-permanent hairstyle deserves some TLC, washing your hair is necessary! We want that adhesive strip to stay squeaky clean, free from moisture and dirt.

So, as soon as you start feeling those roots getting a bit oily or your hair needs a little freshening up, don’t hesitate – wash it right away! Keeping your mane clean and happy will work wonders for the longevity of those fabulous extensions.

When choosing the perfect shampoo, choose an alcohol-free one with all-natural ingredients. Trust us. Your hair will thank you for it! This gentle touch will keep your natural locks and extensions in tip-top shape, so you can keep slaying daily.

So, go ahead, beautiful, and confidently show off that stunning tape-in hairstyle. You’ll be rocking those extensions like a true queen with proper care and the right shampoo! Get ready to turn heads and make the world your runway! You’ve got this! 

Tape in Hair Extensions Are Not for Wearers With a Dry Scalp

Oh, darling, let’s talk hair care secrets! Regarding tape in extensions, moisture is both a friend and a foe. You must be cautious with those adhesive strips, as they can get sensitive around water. So, keep that scalp oil-free! No oiling up your roots, okay?

If you have a dehydrated scalp, there might be better fits than tape-ins. We want your precious locks to stay healthy and hydrated, and these extensions might not be the ideal choice. We care about your hair and don’t want any lack of moisture to cause issues like hair breakage. No one needs that!

Fear not! Some other fabulous hairstyles and treatments can keep your hair happy and vibrant. We’re here to help you find the perfect match for your lovely locks, so you can feel like the queen you are!

Beauty is all about finding what works best for you and your hair. Let’s explore fantastic options that will make you feel fabulous, from roots to tips! Embrace your uniqueness, darling, and let’s discover your perfect hairstyle!

Naturalistas Who Work Out Can Wear Tape-in Extensions As Well

Ladies, listen up! We’re debunking a significant misconception here! You don’t have to choose between rocking your workout or flaunting your stunning silk press. Curly-gals, we’ve got some exciting news for you! Tape in hair extensions are here to embrace your natural hair. No more shying away!

Here’s a little secret for maintaining that fabulous style after a gym session. Grab your blow dryer in a relaxed setting when you get home, and let the magic begin. Blow-dry those roots like a pro before you start combing or washing. Remember, patience is a virtue – make sure that tape is completely dry before you start playing with your hair.

With these simple tips, you’ll effortlessly rock your workout and silk press. We’ve got your back, darling, helping you slay every step of the way! Embrace your beauty, and let your hair do the talking!

Quality is Everything

You’ve got it, divas! With hair extensions, quality is the name of the game! Investing in human hair is the intelligent choice to get the best bang for your buck. Yes, it may have a higher price tag, but trust us, it’s worth every penny. The longevity is incredible, as the adhesive can handle multiple installments, giving you more extended wear and fabulous looks.

For that super silky, head-turning appearance, Slay has some top-notch recommendations. Check out Bellami and New Times Hair collection – both are winners! They offer straight and body wave human hair options, and guess what? You can even get your dream custom coloring done. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s a pro tip from New Times Hair: It’s brilliant when using the pre-colored option because the tape should stay dry before applying. Ensuring everything goes smoothly for that flawless look that’s what we’re all about!

And for our curly hair enthusiasts who love to keep their locks clean, New Times Hair is the ultimate go-to. Their tape is simply unbeatable in its hold, and you can trust it to last you a solid eight to ten weeks – that’s incredible.

Ladies, we’ve got you covered regarding quality tape in hair extensions! So, get ready to slay daily, turning heads wherever you go. Your hair game is about to reach new heights, and you’ll feel like an absolute queen! Happy styling!


Tape in extensions are a must-have for stunning transformations! They provide volume and length, making you feel like royalty. Comfortable and non-harmful, they last up to two months with pro installation. Choose best tape in hair extensions brands like Bellami and New Times Hair for top quality. 

Use alcohol-free shampoo, avoid wetting adhesive, and consider your scalp. Explore more styles. Tape-ins elevate your look and embrace your beauty! Happy styling!

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