App Power: Leveraging iOS Tools for Maximum Workplace Productivity 

Any brand’s success depends on team productivity. If your team is slacking off or falling behind on a project, it directly impacts your bottom line. Luckily, you can easily address an unproductive team by utilizing productivity tools. Instead of juggling multiple apps, these tools streamline the process, reducing the number of programs employees need to access to complete their work.

In this post, we will discuss how to maximize workplace productivity using iOS tools. Many of them use Fortune 500 companies.

Top iOS Tools to Improve Productivity

#1 Things

Your phone needs a to-do list, it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Download Things for just $9.99 and experience its exceptional “Inbox” task management approach.

Add items quickly, and decide if they should be done today, assigned to projects, or scheduled for later. Enable repeating tasks, set deadlines, organize with tags, and segment lists. Access the share sheet extension to add items from anywhere or send tasks via email to see them in your list.

#2 CleanUp

The essence of the CleanUp application is to optimize iPhone memory. Can this be classified as workplace productivity tips? Absolutely yes, since cleaning apps for iPhone can speed up the operation of the smartphone, allow you to download more valuable data, get rid of unsuccessful duplicates, and other things. If you need the best app to clean up photos on iPhone, you’ve found it. This phone cleaner searches your memory for duplicate photos and deletes them. You can also use it to compress video, saving 20-40% of the original amount of memory it occupies.

#3 Slack

Slack is the go-to solution for individuals seeking a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool that caters to their team’s specific requirements. This user-friendly productivity tool offers in-app chat, seamless file sharing, and efficient task management.

Teams can engage in individual chats or send messages that warrant the attention of all members. Effortlessly streamlining team productivity, Slack simplifies task assignments, progress monitoring, and status updates through its unified web-based platform.

By using Slack, teams can eliminate time wasted on juggling email, cloud storage, and other applications. Instead, employees can effortlessly access and share the necessary files with their colleagues, with all comments conveniently tracked for easy follow-up, even after weekends.

#4 Forest

Forest, an exceptional iOS app, offers rewards for abstaining from opening other apps or reading messages for a specific duration. To focus on a task, select the desired number of minutes by dragging your finger across the app’s circular icon on the home screen. As you tap “Plant,” witness the growth of a digital tree until the timer expires.

If you succumb to opening another app before the countdown ends, your tree withers, manifesting as a carcass in your virtual garden, reinforcing the negative consequences of procrastination. On the other hand, successfully refraining from other apps until the set time elapses results in a notification and an immediate reward—a new, healthy tree. Additionally, earn digital coins that can be saved to acquire different tree species.

#5 Streaks

Streaks, a dedicated habit-tracking app, can assist in breaking bad habits, fostering good ones, and maintaining consistent progress. Being an Apple Design Award recipient, this App Store mainstay facilitates tracking of up to 24 daily tasks.

You can effortlessly create personalized tasks, assign them unique icons, and mark them as complete within the app or by utilizing the interactive Home Screen widget. Alternatively, leverage Apple Health data to automatically achieve targets such as daily step count or energy expenditure.

#6 Trello

Trello remains highly popular among teams for collaboration due to several compelling reasons. Firstly, most of its features are available for free, allowing teams to effortlessly add members and collaborate on projects. Additionally, Trello’s user-friendly interface ensures that locating specific tasks is never a time-consuming ordeal. In Trello, you can swiftly edit and move tasks represented as cards.

#7 Fantastical

Fantastical is crafted exclusively for Apple’s ecosystem, seamlessly compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. For those seeking Apple Watch integration, Fantastical provides a flawless connection. Notably, the app encompasses Apple’s Calendar and Reminders app, effortlessly consolidating all your information into one convenient interface.

This app utilizes natural language input, enabling you to effortlessly type or dictate events like “lunch with Chris tomorrow at noon.” Fantastically, the app comprehends and interprets your commands accurately. It even ensures you never miss an event by handling time zones automatically. By upgrading to premium at an affordable rate of $4.75 per month (billed annually), you can enjoy unlimited calendars, collaboration features, and meeting detection, among other exceptional functionalities.


There are numerous apps available for iPhone users aiming to enhance productivity in today’s fast-paced world. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed, unproductive, and prone to procrastination due to meetings, endless to-do lists, and personal responsibilities. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue once again. It is crucial to prioritize productivity to stay on track.

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