ARC018 Everything you Need to Know about

The rise of inflation and various OTT sites/apps and their payments have indeed made sure that people would indeed find many ways to watch movies, TV shows and series. And out of all, Hollywood leads this world. Hence, the demand of the movies and series are huge. And here comes a website or app like ARC018 where with just internet connection a person can watch the latest movies for free.

Not just latest but old content collection is huge on the website. If it is only about Hollywood content, it is fair to say that ARC018 is indeed a must side to go forward. It does serve all the need of a person for watching latest content without spending any penny from their pocket.

They have HD format, which is a bonus in today’s age. With internet speed is not at a problem, it is safe to say that users do not have any hesitation in streaming the content.

What is ARC018?

ARC018 is a website/app that lets the world watch the new movies, TV shows and series for free in HD quality. And indeed, it might seem surprise of many. But the website does work well and hence they have a huge user base from all over the world. Mostly, they focus on Hollywood content in English language. And it is a that English language one of the most common way of speaking.

The best part about ARC018 is that they take just a day to upload new movie or series on their platform. Not more than four to five days it takes at max. The website working in different servers allow them to save from legal action taken against them as they are a torrent website. But for a user, it does not create any such problem indeed.

ARC018: Where the website is most famous?

Looking at the data of Ahrefs, we can know indeed that in which nation the website is being used the most and here is the latest data… (ascending to descending order).

  • India
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • Bangladesh

These are the top 10 nations where users try to use the website most for watching the latest content for free.

ARC018: Guide To Watch Content

  • It starts with opening the browser and typing ARC018on search.
  • Now click on the first link as it would be the official website.
  • Now the home page features the latest content.
  • Rest can be searched from the search bar, located at the centre of the homage.
  • Open the movie you wish to watch and now click on the play button.
  • With in a flash the movie will start working.

ARC018: Pros

  • It allows a user to watch latest movies for free.
  • For working-class people, ARC018 is a great tool to have.
  • Most of their links do work on a fine rate.
  • They have a huge library of movies.
  • The gernes they have on the website cover most of the content.
  • Due to shifting domain extension from time to time, the website does indeed never stay down.
  • The user interface of the website and app is very good.
  • All of their latest movies are in HD format.
  • The makers never ask to add any bank details to start watching the content.

ARC018: Cons

  • They use the content without paying to the makers.
  • In a way, it plays a role to promote piracy.
  • The third-party websites are not seen as gold standard.
  • It does affect box office numbers of Hollywood and viewership of OTT platforms.
  • Every year, Hollywood sees loss of billions of USD due to the pirated content.
  • Sometimes there are high chances of virus coming in due to using third party websites.

ARC018: Features

Good UI

  • ARC018’s UI is very good and even the first-time visitor would be able to watch a movie or series. It is made on black theme which gives that the perfect movie outlook. It does not take much to find a content which is the best part about the website.


  • It is a fact that nowadays not all look for website to watch the content. There are many who do like to watch it on mobile. This is why having an app is a bonus for ARC018.

Working Servers

  • ARC018 does upload a movie in different servers. It is the core reason behind the website never going down as there are ample servers for one movie.


  • The website has a section where they have made TOP IMDB list. It means the viewers have all the good movies on one list. This is the feature that helps them add something new to their website.

ARC018: Task Bar

  • ARC018 has a task bar where they have home page, along with gernes. So if a person like action movie, then there is a direct link.
  • Country specific section is also there.
  • It is followed by movies.
  • The next one is TV shows.
  • The second last is Top IMDB.
  • And the last one is android App link.

How to download the app – ARC018

As there are many fake websites running, the website way to download ARC018 APP is to go the official website.

  • On the title bar of the homepage, there is a section of Android App.
  • The app would only work for Android.
  • Now click on “Download for Android”.
  • This will start the APK file to download.
  • Now install that APK file and the app would start working on your smart phone.

However, the third-party apps do always have the risk. So it is better to think many times before downloading the app.

What else can the ARC018 app do?

ARC018 app can be installed in mobile phones and without visiting any web browser, users can directly visit it. Downloading and streaming latest movies such as barbie, oppenheimer, A million miles away, retribution, etc through this application is a simple process by just opening the application and downloading movies from it. It works seamlessly and in an efficient process with simple processes.

Is ARC018 safe or legal?

This is a fact that ARC018 takescontent without permission from makers. This movie it into the torrent section. But on internet, there is not update where the website is the reason behind leading major virus into a system of a user. And to the plus side, they have SSL certificate also. To watch the content, they do not ask for any bank details or credit car number. But still, third-part website do not have great credibility. So it is not legal morally. But global cyber laws are not too hard, hence, many users do use the website for watching the content.

ARC018: Legal Alternatives

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney +

And there are many more options depending upon the nation your are living. But these are the three top OTT platforms.


ARC018 is indeed a very stable website for letting people watch latest and retro Hollywood content for free and in HD format. Despite they have sign in option, to a watch a movie there is not need to add information. And most of their serves work in a fine manner. It means that ARC018 is a good option to have but there are other ways of watching content that would be more ethical and this is indeed a personal choice.


Being a responsible part of internet, we would like to tell you that ARC018 is a website we are not promoting. The only reason of writing this content is to tell our users what is write and wrong. This helps internet to become ethical and safer.


Q What is ARC018?

ARC018 is a torrent website, providing latest and retro Hollywood content to watch for free in HD.

Q Is ARC018 free?

Yes, ARC018 is totally free to use.

Q Who owns ARC018?

ARC018’s owners do not like to tell about their personal names and family life.