Are you getting an MRI? Here are some planning questions to get you started.

An MRI scan creates a detailed cross-sectional image of interior organs and structures using a powerful magnet, radio waves, and a computer. A scanner is usually a long tube with a table in the middle into which a patient can slide. An MRI scan varies from CT scans and X-rays in that it does not use ionising radiation, which can be dangerous. Here are several answers to the often asked questions which will help you to select the plan.

How to avoid radiation?

Because magnetic fields and radio frequencies, rather than x rays, are used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), patients are not exposed to radiation. Some patients, however, cannot get an MRI because of the intense magnetic fields. Before scheduling an MRI scan, patients are asked detailed questions concerning previous surgeries and metal injuries to assure their safety. If you have any worries about your MRI fitness, talk to your doctor or radiographers about them.

How to manage anxiety?

MRIs, like CT scans, can be an anxiety-inducing medical assessment for patients with claustrophobia. Patients must have the majority of their bodies slid into a well-lit but narrow tube of the MRI scanner, where they must lie still for the duration of the scan, which can be anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes. An MRI can be quite noisy due to the way the image is formed. When scheduling an MRI, it is always a good idea to let your doctor know if you have any concerns. And the doctor will advise you to reduce your anxiety.

How do I know if my MRI will be covered by insurance or have to pay for it?

Your referral is protocolled with the radiographers and radiologists. Several factors that influence the bulk billing MRI scan Griffith are followed below:

  • If the MRI scanner only has a limited licence
  • If you have been referred by a doctor or a specialist
  • If your medical condition meets the Medicare eligibility requirements
  • The body part that is being scanned.
  • For work-related injuries, pre-approval is required.

What is the MRI partial licence?

It is a Medicare licence provided by the government that allows bulk-billing MRI scan Griffith for particular illnesses in certain regions such as the head, C-spine, and knee and a few specific specialist referrals for the belly and pelvis. Other regions are also included for those under the age of sixteen. The federal government limits each state’s number of licences. The allocation is determined by the level of need in a given area.

Bottom line

In a true medical emergency, it is tough to ask questions concerning an MRI scan. However, in a non-emergency circumstance, it is normal to ask your doctor meaningful questions regarding an upcoming scan. This is especially true when the scan is for a child, who is more vulnerable to radiation than adults. Thus, consider seeing a different doctor if your current doctor does not respond to your inquiries. You are your own greatest advocate for medical care that is both effective and safe.   

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