Are You Preparing For Your Discectomy and Fusion Surgery? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Is your back hurting? You are not alone. Back pain is a common concern, affecting roughly 80% of adults in the U.S. at some point in their life. Discectomy and fusion surgery are often conducted to alleviate back pain and pressure caused by disc herniation. While this procedure is not generally the initial course of action versus back pain, if conservative therapies, including medications, steroid injections, and physical therapy, fail to offer you relief, it can help. Check out this post to discover everything about discectomy and fusion Atlanta, including how to prepare and what to expect.

How To Prepare For Discectomy And Fusion Surgery?

Like with any other spinal surgical procedure, the physicians at Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center suggest surgery whenever the procedure’s benefits surpass the risks. Nonetheless, before you undergo any form of surgery, it is best to prep your body. Some of the best preparation techniques include:

·         Ceasing smoking

·         Adjusting dosages on particular medications

·         Changing or ceasing particular medications, such as blood thinners, before surgery

·         Not drinking or eating for a set period before surgery

If you have not been told otherwise, do not adjust or stop your drug schedule. During your consultation, your specialist will check your current medication and inform you whether any modifications are needed and when you could get back to your regular regimen.

Besides preparing your medication routine, you may also prepare for discectomy and fusion surgery by prepping your home. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you look forward to your surgery:

·         Have essentials at hand to minimize having to use step stools following your procedure

·         Keep ready-to-eat meals in your refrigerator, such as pre-prepared salads, lasagna, etc.

·         Look over your pantry stock and other necessities, and go grocery shopping before surgery (you want some rest time to recover following surgery)

Likewise, plan on taking some time off from your occupation. The time you break from work will be dependent on how much manual effort your job requires; more labor-intensive jobs necessitate a lengthier recovery period. Nevertheless, you might discover that now is the ideal moment to read your favorite novels.

What To Expect With Discectomy And Fusion Surgery?

Right after your surgery, your physician will keep an eye on you and offer pain-relieving drugs. Whereas the surgery is intended to address pain and other associated discomforts, you should expect some post-surgical pain. Within a week or so, this discomfort will fade away. 

At Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center, the physicians employ minimally invasive techniques. As a result, you can expect smaller cuts and a reduced risk of complications such as pain and bleeding compared to conventional open surgery.

Generally, recuperation from minimally invasive surgery is quicker and smoother. Nonetheless, you may help your body heal by adhering to all post-operative recommendations, keeping your cut clean and dry, consuming nutritional foods, and keeping off foods that promote constipation. Constipation is a typical side effect of surgery anesthesia, but you may avoid it by consuming foods rich in fiber, such as vegetables and fruits, remaining hydrated, and walking.

If the anesthetic makes you feel sick, consume bland meals like bone broth, toast, or crackers to help soothe your stomach.

Ultimately, discectomy and fusion surgery can enhance your life quality by alleviating the discomfort caused by herniated discs. Nonetheless, while this surgery offers numerous advantages, it is normal to have concerns or feel somewhat nervous. If you have queries concerning your forthcoming surgery, feel free to contact Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center. Readying for surgery could assist you feel more confident as your surgery date nears. Make an appointment today through mobile or book online to learn more.

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