Basics of Concrete Core Drilling

If you are in the construction industry, you inevitably require concrete core drilling services for your project. Diamond drilling has revolutionised core drilling in the construction industry and made it an integral part of it.

Concrete core drilling is a robust process of drilling accurate holes in various forms of concrete buildings and floors. Diamond drilling is known for making deep holes in vertical and horizontal structures. The process of diamond drilling is unique compared to other methods. They produce less vibration and less dust. It has a chain, circular blade, or jig blade. The drilling tool is made of steel pipe, to which the portions of diamonds are attached at the end. It is mainly used to create holes for sewer lines, phone lines, conduits, utility holes or any other openings in concrete structures for utility penetration. 

It is a quick, safe, and quiet method of drilling concrete structures. It is widely used across the construction industry by skilled and expert technicians. Now, you might be wondering what concrete core drilling is. Why do you need to use it? Or how does it work? We have covered you in this blog post if you need to learn concrete core drilling. It will inform you about the important factors you should know before hiring a diamond drilling services for concrete core drilling. 

What is core drilling?

Concrete core drilling, or core drilling, is an essential cutting technique. It allows you to cut holes into concrete, brick, or paver surfaces, including floors and walls. Core drilling is integral to many applications, such as preparing HVAC ducting or installing pipes and cables. Learning the basics of core drilling is necessary before you start using it.

How does it work?

The concrete core drilling has a diamond cutting end attached to a steel tube. The cutter is cooled with water during the drilling process; it reduces friction. The rig gets attached to a floor with an anchor, bolt, or vacuum seal to stabilise it. The entire process gets completed by removing the slug, leaving the hole with no damage.

It is essential to check the area thoroughly before cutting to ensure nothing will come in the way of the drill. CA Drillers promise accuracy in their concrete scanning and deliver the best results. 

When is it used?

Coring is used on floors, walls and ceilings to drill the hole. It is used in many applications, but the primary use is for utility penetrations. Core holes make way for water pipes, phone lines, sewer lines and computer lines. ICore drilling is also needed for plumbing, electrical wiring, utility holes and vaults. 

Type of Core Drill Bits

When choosing between carbide and diamond core drill bits, selecting the right one for your specific application is crucial to prevent surface damage. In this regard, the leading US Diamond Drill Bits Manufacturers like, stands out as the foremost authority on Diamond Drills.

Carbide Core Drill Bit

Carbide bits are cost-effective, durable, and suitable for cutting holes into masonry materials. Carbide core drill bits are made of a stainless steel body with tungsten carbide teeth. However, some high-performance models have solid tungsten carbide. 

Carbide bits are not suitable to work on rebar. It might fulfill the purpose but the outcome will not be up to the mark. Repeated grinding attempts can accelerate the carbide bit’s wear and tear, or it might break. Moreover, the holes produced by carbide bits on rebar are not as accurate and clean as diamond drill bits. A carbide core drill press is economical if you do not have to cut through rebar, steel or other rigid material. 

Diamond Core Drill Bit

Diamond core drill bits look similar to their carbide counterparts as they are made of similar materials. However, they differ from each other. In diamond core drill bits, the tip is embedded with diamond powder, allowing diamond bits to grind through surfaces with ease. Diamond bits are more expensive than carbide drill bits, but they often have more advantages. The diamond, being the most robust material, allows drill bits to make cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing cuts. They can also drill through hard material quickly, such as rebar or steel.

Diamond drill bits are durable, but they do generate heat while drilling. Continuous drilling through hard surfaces increases the heat, and it may partially melt over the diamonds; this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the bit. There are two subtypes of diamond drill bits –

  1. Dry cut bits – It has no cooling system. They are primarily used for indoor projects, using short bursts. If the bit gets too hot, the operator should pull it out of the hole and allow it to cool down naturally. 
  2. Wet cut bits – It is equipped with a water cooling system. The water jet lets the bit accumulate heat slowly, allowing longer cuts. It is best suited for outdoor projects due to in-build water jets. 

Dimensions of Core Drill Bit

Two values – diameter and length, figure out the dimensions of the bit. The first mentioned number always refers to its diameter, conveying the diameter of the holes it can cut. For instance, a 3” bit cut means 3” holes.

The second number indicates the length of the core bit. For example, if the second number mentioned on the package is 15”, then the bit is 15” long. Generally, the length of the cores produced by a drill bit is equal to the overall size, excluding the thickness at the base. I.e. a 17” bit might make cores that are around 16½” long. 

Manufacturers generally produce bit dimensions that match piping, ducting, or cabling. The standard dimensions allow you to drill a hole of the perfect size to install the utilities of your choice. However, sometimes you may find a core drill bit without a second number; in such cases, the mentioned dimensions are always in diameter. 

Find a Professional Core Drilling Company 

Now that you know the basics of concrete core drilling, the vital step is choosing a reliable and experienced diamond drilling company like CA Drillers. Our team of talented professionals provide top-quality core drilling services at an affordable price. We eliminate hazards and risks by using safe drilling equipment and providing appropriate safety kits to our team. 

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