Best Browser for Windows 10

When it comes to using a personal computer, we all mostly prefer Microsoft. And we all know without Internet Connectivity we can’t do much with it. That’s why we need to have a good browser.

Microsoft Edge – browser by Microsoft comes in the first place. When using Windows 10, why choose a browser by the third party?

There was a time when Chrome beat Internet Explorer. But now Microsoft is back in the game.
In this blog, we will read about many features of the Edge browser. And how it is different from other competitors.

When it comes to performance, the Edge browser tops all. Microsoft claims it is 48 percent faster than Chrome. The reason being it has many in-built features. Collections is one of them. You can collect websites, highlight particular content, and add notes too. This can be done in one place only.

More Privacy and Security

Edge is a secure web browser. It has an in-built tool that blocks trackers. This gives you more control over your data. Your data can be tracked easily due to this feature. In addition to it, it has Microsoft Defender SmartScreen that automatically protects you. It protects you from phishing schemes and malicious software.
Plus it has Password Monitor. It notifies when your credentials have been compromised.

Reading Experience
This feature is my personal favorite. It has advanced Artificial Intelligence working perfectly to help you stay focused. It automatically filters out distracting content from sites and articles.

The bonus point, it has a pre-installed dictionary. You can just click on the word and it’s meaning pops up. You can edit pdfs which helps students to make notes more precise.

Browse across various devices
Microsoft Edge is now available on all platforms. Though it is best optimized for Windows 10. It works fine on Android and IOS platforms too. This allows us to sync passwords, favorites, and settings with just one click.

To personalize your experience, Edge is now compatible with all of your favorite extensions. There are innumerable extensions that boost your productivity. By using these extensions, you can integrate your work with Microsoft 365 too.

Search Engine
If you’re looking for a browser for business, The Edge along with the Bing search engine is the best choice. It has specially designed Enterprise features. This helps you with world-class compatibility, performance, and security.
It has special support for apps such as Configuration Manager, Intune, etc. This familiar management tools help you in boosting your productivity.

Read Aloud
The least known feature of the Edge browser is this one. Microsoft allows you to listen to E-books and PDFs directly. This means no need for an additional subscription to audible to other websites.

The bookmark tab allows you to sync and import your favorite websites across every platform. This all with just one click in the toolbar. When using Browser as E-reader this feature is extremely helpful.

Though, Microsoft is unluckily famous for its previous browser i.e. Internet Explorer. It is ready to change the game again. With so many in-built features it is ready to capture the game again.
Plus it works on the V8 platform. It is the same framework for chrome. Thus, making the Edge direct competitor to Chrome.
If you are a Windows 10 user, you must go for the Edge browser to experience a new technological revolution.
In my recommendation, you must give at least one try to the Edge browser. You will surely have a delightful experience and may not consider trying any other option again.

If Microsoft keeps optimizing The Edge browser, it won’t be soon when we all will prioritize the Edge browser. Let’s stay optimistic and hope that Microsoft will bring more feature enriched updates for the Edge browser.

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