Best internet promotions near me

Today, new advancements are being made and we have many options in technology are available.  We are now at a place where we need a good speed internet for every task. We need it for the work that we are currently doing from home now for our online classes and also for entertainment.

I will mention 2 top internet providers that you can choose for internet services.

1. AT&T

AT&T is one of the United States’ oldest telecommunications companies that keep it easy and sells three regular plans: 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps. High-speed AT&T Internet plans use fiber optics, although there is limitless data in the 1Gbps bundle. It also has a cheaper alternative to entertain low-wage individuals with as little as 5 Mbps. The best thing about AT&T is the way it deals with its customers, and it is ranked high on the list when it comes to offering customer service. According to ACSI (American Consumer Satisfaction Index), its customer service was ranked 62 out of 100, which clearly shows it as one of the top-ranked customer satisfaction providers.

2. Spectrum High-Speed internet services

Spectrum is the 2nd largest provider in the United States with over 60 million users. You may contact Spectrum Customer Service and ask about the amazing promotions they are offering. They are providing some amazing discounts during these difficult times and they are offering some additional features on top. You can always call on their number and ask for all the required information, as local stores are closed due to the global pandemic. However, their customer service number and live chat option are available 24/7 and they are more effective than ever.

Spectrum is offering three options for high-speed internet. The minimum speed that spectrum is offering is around 100 Mbps but it could be up to 200 Mbps, depending upon your location. The basic internet will cost you around $49.99 per month and if you choose 400 Mbps, it will cost you around $67 per month. Spectrum is also offering a very high speed, blazing fast internet that is 1 GIG. It is ideal for larger families, it will cost you around $100.

You don’t have to sign any contracts while signing up for Spectrum and you are given promotional discounts for being a new customer. You are free to terminate the services whenever needed, without worrying about paying any early termination fees.

Spectrum is also offering a free modem with any package that you may choose. They are also offering free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots, which can be accessed while on the go. You can connect your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop while traveling.

If you are stuck in a contract with some other provider and are willing to subscribe to Spectrum, you may choose a contract buyout plan that takes care of the fine for up to $500.

3. CenturyLink Internet Services

CenturyLink is the biggest DSL provider in the United States. CenturyLink is providing the best home phone and internet services for many decades now, it has more than millions of users around the US. The best thing about CenturyLink internet is that it is serviceable around areas where you might not be able to find any other high-speed provider.

There are no contracts required with CenturyLink and there is no hidden early termination fee if you plan to cancel your services anytime.

They are offering promotional discounts for life, which means your bill will remain the same for as long as you keep the services, you do not need to worry that there will be raise in your bill after some time. The speed that you get with CenturyLink depends on your area and it can be a fiber optic Giga blast internet that means you will never see that buffering sign again.

Wrapping Up,

Spectrum uses the latest technology and CenturyLink is the best DSL provider. These are the best internet options that you can choose from. These days we need high-speed internet and a reliable one, both these providers have more than a million users that show the reliability of the providers. Make a smart choice and the best part is that they are offering discounts on every package.

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