Every startup manager knows what it takes to manage its business operations. From approving sales order, developing marketing campaigns, and managing projects, there are lot of tasks to catch up with within a limited time frame. 

All of these tasks can be overwhelming, especially for small and medium-scale entities, but then the processes have been simplified, thanks to the existence of mobile apps.


There are lots of activities that need to be carried out at the business place. These tasks might not be a big deal for large organizations that are well-staffed. However, small-scale businesses may not find it funny with a limited number of employees under them qr code generator online.

The use of mobile applications has changed the altitude of business operations drastically. It can help you achieve a lot at less cost and within a short time. If you’re here to look for mobile apps to help elevate your business operations, worry no more! The contents of this article will give you light after the tunnel, enjoy!

  1. Business Outflow App – Expensify

Every business dealing involves the inflow and outflow of funds. Keeping records of hundreds of these processes can be cumbersome. Expensify is an expense management app that helps you manage business expenses without the use of hard copy receipts. 

One unique feature of this app is its ability to get linked to an existing bank account balance. The app also helps to automate payment processes and generate a comprehensive report for every cause. 

It is equipped with advanced scanning prowess which can be used to extract contents from scanned files.

  1. Call Recorder App – Call Recording App For iPhone

With the bunch of business communications between staff and clients daily, it is possible to get involved in arguments due to misconceptions. It has become a norm for businesses to include a system to keep track of phone call conversations with their clients.

Call recording is a great source of data that you can easily refer to when validating a customer’s data. With the mobile phone call recorder call recording just got better. It helps you keep track of all your voice call which can be a useful resource to refer to when an issue arises.

  1. Project Manager App – Asana

Asana is one of the best but rarely known project managing programs on the net. It creates an avenue for group communication and collaboration to execute business plans. 

Users can curate a schedule, track development, exchange documents, and interact among team members using the app. The app support integration into most cloud storage programs as well as social media direct posting.

  1. Task Management App – Wunderlist

If you are charged with lots of tasks with a deadline for execution, all you need is a task manager app to help you stay organized. The wanderlust app helps you manage numerous tasks at the same time and gives you a breakdown of how and when to execute them.

It alerts users of a task due to time to help them beat deadlines. In addition, it allows users to share files, so you don’t need a 3rd party app for exchanging files. It is an all-in-one application that every business needs to work it.

  1. Digital Marketing App – Hootsuite

Every startup is now embracing social media to promote its brand and offerings. A good social media marketing campaign should include the use of programs to keep you abreast with happenings and also help you automate promotional campaigns; this is why you require an app like Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a versatile software that helps you trail your social media campaigns.

It has the capability of executing multiple posts on your social media pages simultaneously. It also gives you an in-depth analysis of your campaigns to help you make a more informed and strategic decision.

  1. Travel Guide App – Tripit

For every traveler, this is an app for you. If you need to keep track of your traveling schedules, monitor the weather, or search for a good resort in your destination country, TripIt is a travel companion app that can help you get all of this done and save you from the hassles of extensively planning your trip. 

After you create a traveling schedule on the app, the guide app gives you a detailed analysis and generates several useful reports that will guide you throughout your trip.

  1. Time Management App – Moment

Managing time amidst a tight schedule has been a great challenge for most business operators. The Moment app can help you plan your time efficiently by tracking your mobile device usage to give you reports of what you spend the most time on. 

It allows you to set daily limits and gives you an alert when you exceed the limits. It is an ideal time management app for everyone.

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