Best Places to See in America while Riding a UTV

Hitting some of the most famous UTV trails with your family or friends to put some distance between you and the madding crowd is always a good idea. Side-by-side vehicles stopped being work machines a long time ago. Now, all off-road buffs have one to enjoy some of the most breathtaking landscapes and trails in the United States. Sure, you have to transport your SxS on a trailer/truck to your destination, but only your riding skills are the limit once you are there. Have you ever considered a UTV getaway for a few days out there in the wilderness? If you had, let’s see together some of the best places to see and some of the most exciting things to do while riding your UTV!

1. The Town of Moab – On the Moab Trail in Utah

The Moab area in Utah is world-famous for its amazing canyons, national parks, off-road trails, and outdoor adventures. It is a place you need to experience at least once in a lifetime, no matter if your heart is into hiking, UTV riding, rock climbing, or panoramic photography.

Those who dare can get a taste of what it means to ride a metal beast on the Poison Spider Mesa, the Golden Spike, or the Pritchett Canyon, all friendly with almost any type of OHV. In addition, UTV riders with fire in their hearts usually take part in the Rally on the Rocks UTV/SXS Rally, so the Utah trail has a little something for everyone.

If you intend to ride your UTV here and experience some adrenaline-pumping adventures, don’t forget to prepare your vehicle before you leave the house. Forget for a while about the titanium motocross nuts and bolts you need for your dirt bike. UTV riding requires you to prep your vehicle with at least a front bumper, a roll cage, better seats, competition harnesses (4-points ones are the best), helmet and goggles, gloves, and boots, to name a few. The Moab trail is not a merciful mistress when it comes to dangerous UTV rides!

However, after you quench your thirst for adventure and adrenaline, take a detour and visit the town of Moab. If you come here with your family, it is all for the best. Here are some things to do here that do not resemble your usual UTV rides:

  • Guided Moab tours to explore the area as much as you can.
  • A visit to the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park – your kids will love it, and it will not leave you indifferent either, as the park is a true wonder. The life-size dinosaur replicas and the history you can learn here are the top attractions.
  • Too hot to travel or hike? Get your chill on at the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center, right on Main Street!
  • Whenever you feel sporty yet fancy, the town of Moab welcomes you with spectacular golf courses.
  • Are you in the mood for some entertainment and nightlife? You need more than a weekend here to enjoy everything on the menu. You have bars, restaurants, live concerts, urban parks or spa and fitness centers, dozens of shops, kids’ playgrounds, and nearby organized hikes. Moab is a cornucopia for tourism.

Whenever you feel like giving your UTV some rest (a thorough wash + maintenance), the town of Moab has something for everyone. So after you rest and entertain yourself, you can pick up from where you left off and ride your UTV over pointy rocks and through sunset-red canyons!

2. The Town of Bangor – On the Maine Interconnected Trail System

Are you both a passionate UTV rider and a Stephen King fan? If you are, you have to try the Maine Interconnected Trail System with a couple of days’ worth of vacation in Bangor.

If you know little about this trail, let us put it this way: if you mix the Aroostook County ATV Trails (over 1,000 miles) with the Maine Interconnected Trail System, you get what fans call a “trail heaven” spreading over 6,000 miles of UTV-legal trails and diverse terrains.

No matter what off-road vehicle you love riding, the trail system allows you to have the time of your life from late spring to late fall. Consider prepping your UTV for mud, dirt, wooded areas, and even snow, depending on when you spend your off-road vacation here. Ensure you have the proper tires, a toolkit, and LED lights in case you ride at night.

But we were talking about Bangor, Maine, the backdrop of many of Stephen King’s unforgettable novels. So let’s see why this town has to be on your adventure map!

  • Visit King’s house in Bangor – a must-see for every horror/mystery book lover! Unfortunately, you cannot visit the house on the inside, but it is an amazing sight nonetheless.
  • Take the kids to theMaine Discovery Museum, a lovely little place full of curiosities, intelligent discoveries, and fun interactive learning experiences.
  • Take a walk through the Mount Hope Garden Cemetery. It sounds bizarre, we know, but the scenery is impressive, and the place is so peaceful and lighthearted, you will soon forget you walk through a cemetery and not a well-maintained park.
  • Enjoy a romantic walk on the Penobscot River Walkway. After a thrilling UTV ride through mud and forest beds, a nice walk along the beautiful riverbank with your spouse is the culmination of a memorable holiday.

Bangor is a delightful town and, no matter what Stephen King writes, it does not have that eerie, otherworldly atmosphere we expect to find here. On the contrary, you, the kids, and your bunch of off-road buffs will find a lot of entertaining things to see and do, leaving the place with a big smile on your face.

3. Olympia – On the Capitol State Forest Trails, Washington

Suppose you enjoy forest off-roading, spectacular natural scenery, deep forests, and the peace only the great outdoors can offer. In that case, you should try the Capitol State Forest in Thurston and Grays Harbor Counties. It offers over 80 miles of trails for OHV vehicles in the northern half of the forest. Before you pack your bags to come here, remember that some of the deep forest trails can get muddy, so use the proper UTV tires and have a few changes of riding gear. OHV enthusiasts recommend the Rock Candy and the Waddell Basin trails.

Nevertheless, your friends and family will enjoy it here. The area welcomes outdoor lovers with over 60 miles of trails dedicated to hiking, horseback riding, and biking.

After a couple of days of “unbeaten path” adventures, a quick city break will do everyone a ton of good. So head over to Olympia, five miles away, a town bustling with life and offering dozens of entertainment opportunities. Take a breather between two thrilling UTV rides and enjoy what the town has to offer:

  • The Washington State Capitol Building, Rhino Rack roof rack with superb surroundings, a lavish interior, and free guided tours every day for the whole family to adore. After you visit the grounds, head over to Capitol Lake to enjoy the gorgeous walking paths, nature trails, and scenic reflections of the capitol dome.
  • Take the kids to the Hands-On Children’s Museum, featuring interactive displays and numerous galleries to educate and entertain all visitors of all ages, including parents with infants.
  • A block away from this museum, you will find the WET Science Center, a nationally recognized education space where you and the little ones can learn everything about water science.
  • The Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve is a great place for walking, hiking, and admiring some of the most bizarre formations in America – the bubble-like mounds still surrounded by mystery.
  • The Farmers Market – a staple of Olympia, this eclectic market is the best place to find and enjoy fresh pastries, locally cultivated berries, handcrafted cheeses, souvenirs, and much more. If you are lucky, you can also enjoy some live music and performances.

The Capitol State Forest is indeed one of the best places to visit if you want to mix unforgettable UTV rides with a classic family vacation.

Bottom Line

Our list includes only three destinations to visit while you enjoy an off-road UTV adventure with your loved ones. But, of course, America has tens if not hundreds of such wondrous places to discover and explore. If you have ever been on any of these trails, we’d love to hear more about your experiences and suggestions! 

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