Best Ways to Track Someone’s Location on Google Maps Secretly

How to Secretly Track Your Spouse on Google Maps?

Have you noticed that your spouse’s behavior has changed? Do they stay late at work or have unexpected weekend meetings with friends? No need to worry! There is a way to know where your spouse is. Today’s technologies make it possible to track someone’s location on Google Maps without them knowing, and we will tell you how.

Tracking Spouse’s Location on Google Maps

According to a study by the Cheating Buster Project, 20% of married men and 13% of married women are not loyal in relationships. Therefore many of us want to know how to catch a cheater. Hence, there are various ways to figure out the location of your spouse’s device. All of them differ in their peculiarities, tracking opportunities, and prices. If you are interested in real-time location tracking on Google Maps, get familiar with the following options. 

Tracking on Android Using Localize

If your spouse is an Android device admirer – there is one great tracker you may try. Its name is Localize. It is a worldwide Google Maps location finder. One of its key benefits is that you don’t have to install anything on the target phone. Your spouse’s phone number is all you need to know, and we bet you know it. The Localize will do all the job.

So, enter the required phone number, create a message the targeted phone will get, and wait for the recipient to click on it. Once they do it, you see their exact GPS location. 

Tracking on iPhone Using uMobix

Another way of tracking your spouse’s phone is to use a trustworthy and effective mobile tracker like uMobix. It works perfectly well on Android and iOS devices and offers several subscription plans. Note that you won’t need physical access to your spouse’s iPhone – iCloud credentials will be enough.

uMobix serves perfectly for Google Maps location tracking. After the registration and setup process, go to your account and open the Location tab. You will see the “Map View” in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, you launch Google Maps and are ready to monitor your spouse’s whereabouts, last visited places, dates, and times.

What’s the Advantage of Tracking Someone on Google Maps?

One of the most apparent advantages of monitoring someone on Google Maps is that it helps ensure that the most beloved and significant people in our life are safe. Whether you want to check your spouse’s location to ensure they are loyal or locate their cell phones in case of emergency, tracking may be the best solution if you want to be aware and have peace of mind.

It also can help find your new phone if it has been lost or stolen. Moreover, many people use the option of GPS tracking on Google Maps during taxi rides or other long-distance trips. 

Alternative Methods for Tracking

As you see, Localize and uMobix tracking services may vary in use and functions. Get familiar with both of them and make your best choice. But if these phone trackers do not suit your needs,  keep reading the article to learn more about their decent alternatives.

Tracking with Phone Numbers

You may look for other GPS location trackers that require the targeted phone number. One of them is GEOfinder. It works using the same principle. You go to the official website, input the phone number you need to locate, and the tracker sends a message with a tracking link to the targeted phone (the message can be customized). Once the targeted person clicks the link, you see the exact phone location on the map.

Utilizing WhatsApp for Location Tracking

WhatsApp Messenger makes it possible to share your own phone’s location in real time. Which means you can do the same with your spouse’s phone. You just need to give WhatsApp permission to location data. Go to your private chat from your spouse’s phone and share the geodata with you. Choose the time during which you will be receiving the location information on a map.

Stop Tracking the Target Device Location

To stop tracking your spouse’s location, turn off the location-sharing function or uninstall the spying software following the guidelines. Moreover, you may cancel your subscription at any time. Cell phone number trackers don’t require any extra actions since the surveillance is installation-free and web-based.

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