Biker Wallets Explained: Why Everybody Loved Them

A classic biker wallet is a leather trifold (it folds in three) that features compartments for paper bills, credit and business card slots, as well as a pocket for change and small items. Sounds like a description of a regular wallet, doesn’t it? In fact, men’s biker wallets have a few distinctive features that set them apart from peers.

What Does Make a Difference?

First of all, all wallets for motorcyclists carry bold designs. Whereas a classic men’s billfold is constructed of cowhide, biker models boast exotic leathers offering unique textures and patterns. Crocodile or alligator, shark, snake, ostrich, and stingray – this list can go on and on. Besides jaw-dropping looks, exotic leather is a champion in durability. A high-quality wallet made of stingray or crocodile leather will remain attractive and functional for dozens of years.

Even if a biker wallet is crafted of traditional leathers, it is rarely boring and inconspicuous. Every biker wants to showcase his or her individuality, and their wallets must be up to this task. This is why more often than not, their billfolds carry appliqués or carved designs featuring biker symbolism including crosses, Indians, flames, skulls, and many others. Along with that, a wallet might be adorned with metal rivets or studs, silver clasps, and embroidery. The interior of a wallet isn’t ignored either. Silky linings with cool biker patterns please the eye every time motorcyclists open their billfolds.

Last but not least, these wallets are designed to meet bikers’ way of wearing them. Motorcyclists keep them in the jeans pockets so their dimensions should be quite compact. Hence, the most popular design is tri-fold, small yet roomy. However, the most distinguishing element of a biker wallet is a chain it is paired with. Contrary to a popular belief, wallet chains are used not only for fashion reasons. In fact, their mission is security – if a wallet slips out of pocket, a chain won’t let it get lost.

Types of Biker Wallets

As have already been mentioned, bikers prefer tri-fold wallets for their compact sizes. However, this design isn’t deprived of some issues. For instance, you can’t put too much stuff in it without distorting its proportions. That’s why, apart from tri-fold models, you can often meet the following designs in the biker department:

• Vertical bi-folds. These are narrow and rather long pieces. A biker can carry such a wallet only on a belt or in the breast pocket of his jacket. It is not meant to be kept in jeans pockets.

• Horizontal bi-folds. These wallets are smaller but due to double folding, they are thicker. Such a wallet can be attached to a belt or worn in a pocket.

Besides that, you can find plenty of coin wallets, breast wallets (they let you accommodate banknotes without folding them), front pocket wallets featuring money clips (these are the slimmest options), and as well as travel wallets (they are spacious enough to accommodate ID, insurance documents, and a bunch of other stuff).

Mass-Market vs Hand-Made vs. Custom-Made

Hands down, a selection of biker wallets isn’t scarce by any means. It’s a no-hassle to unearth an item meeting your needs aesthetically and practically. Models you can pick up in any biker store rarely feature mind-blowing designs but, at least, they are inexpensive. If you decide to go with a mass-market product, we recommend sticking with well-known brands since they guarantee decent craftsmanship and durability. If you make a purchase online, make sure that a seller offers a money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous sellers try to pass cheap leatherette for genuine leather, especially when it comes to exotic leathers, so buyer protection will give you some peace of mind.

If you’d like to go with something more unique and personalized than cookie-cutter models, a custom men’s biker wallet is just what a doctor ordered. It will cost more than a regular bi- or tri-fold but if you want to stand out, it’s totally worth it.

A compromise between expensive made-to-order and cheap mass-market products is hand-made wallets. Although they are crafted in large batches, they are cut out and sewn by hand. This guarantees excellent quality and a touch of individuality in every single item.

Choosing the Right Material

When it comes to durability, a material a wallet is made of plays a pivotal role. It is perhaps even more important than design.

Despite the fact that the fashion world actively tries to find a substitute for genuine leather, it is still a number one choice for wallets. It is especially popular for biker billfolds since they face numerous challenges throughout their lifespan. Natural leather is wear- and tear-resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Even a weathered wallet with all its scuffs and scratches looks attractive thanks to its retro charm. Besides, if the quality is up to par, it won’t lose its functionality even decades after you purchased it. The same can’t be said about leatherette and canvas wallets. Their service life is 3 years max. You may purchase a fake leather wallet for fashion reasons but real bikers would never wear one.

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