Bess Katramados Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth

Bess Katramados is a famous former model and the second wife of famous WWE Superstar Big Show (Paul Donald Wight). He was born in 1973 in Illinois, USA (his exact birthday is unknown). She lights candles every year on her birthday, 13th July. His zodiac sign is Cancer. She lived in New York when she was a model. Even after marriage, she maintains her figure and looks very beautiful. If we talk about her career, Bess Katramados always wants to join glamour world. She started her career from her hometown Illinois. In 2020, a new Netflix show “The Big Show show” made her a hot topic as her husband appeared in this program.

Bess Katramados physical Appearance

Bess Katramados was a model and she knows very well how to maintain figure, She is shorter than her husband big Show but she is still very pretty impressive women measured with 33-28-32 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall. Her exactly weight is unknown, but she was a model and instructor so her weight according her height and figure it may be 64 KGs. Bess Katramados age is 49 years. She is looking too pretty due to her blue colour eye and blonde hair.

Bess Katramados Childhood, Parents, Sibling, and Education

She was born in a christen family in Illinois, USA. Bess loved her grandparents more than her father and mother. She liked to spend time with her grandparents. Bess is trying to hide her parents’ name, sibling name and childhood memories. She attended a school Lutheran High School in Illinois. She was not very good at studies. In her final year of high school, she started to take interest in Modelling.

Big Show and Bess Katramados Love Story, Marriage and Children

Bess Katramados Family

Before Bess Katramados, Melissa Piavis was the wife of WWE star Big Show, from 1997 to 2002. Big show and Melissa Piavis has daughter Cierra Wight form his relationship. In the Start of 2000, their relationship is started dissolving both know that their relationship is going to doomed. According to the few sources, Big Show and Bess Katramados were in love before Big Show divorced. Big show and his wife decided to get divorced. They officially end their marriage on 6th Feb. 2002 and after 5 days (11th Feb 2002) of the divorce, Bess Katramados and Big Show got married. After the marriage, Bess Katramados stop her modelling career and has been personal trainer and fitness instructor of Big Show.

Show and Bess blessed with two children together and also the stepmother of show’s fist child Cierra Wight. But they still silent to revealing to their children name. Bess and her husband Big Show are not socially active. Now they are liveing with their daughter and son in Miami, Florida in USA.

Beginnings and Success

In her school, final year she wants to be model so after her graduation from NYC USA she registers herself with a modelling agency. He was very beautiful so he is starting to get modelling project very soon. She is one the top then she meet with Big Show and fall in love and decided to quit her career after the marriage and to be house wife. After the marriage she has been personal trainer, instructor and take care of her husband Big Show.

Career and Income

She had a good name in the modelling world but after marriage she quit modelling and focuses to take care of her husband. After big show school, he joined a korian company where he met a professional wrestler, Danny Bonaduce and Danny introduced legendary Hulk Hogan. Hulks recommend him to WCE voice president Erick Bischoff.  Once Big show invited to Rosemont Horizen show where he meets of his boyhood idols and had a meeting with Eric, after this meeting he signed an agreement. He has known as The Giant after WCW in 1995. After few time he changed his name to Big Show and has won 7 championship title and numerous other awards. It is increased his wealth. According to the automotive source, Big Show net worth is as high as 20$ million.

Bess Katramados Trivia

  • She doesn’t like to share her personal life on social media and publicly.
  • They bought mansion in Miami, USA in 2010
  • Bess Katramados looking glamorous in her image.
  • She has not shared too much image online.
  • She is gentle and humble women. After her marriage she agreed to take care Big Show’s first wife daughter.

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