Biophilic residential spaces: How outskirts of Hyderabad are increasingly witnessing this realty trend?

With human beings having a keen affinity towards nature, the connection between the two is said to be beneficial on many levels. Expansive green spaces, light, air and all other natural elements can be an antidote to the stress of modern city life.

The increasing inclination towards nature has given rise to the concept of biophilic residential designs in the real estate sector, especially in Hyderabad – a city blessed with green lung spaces, mainly in its outskirts.

With the city getting packed day-by-day due to better work opportunities and quality of life, its outskirts are becoming the hotspot for property seekers. Millennial home buyers can be seen developing a strong desire to live in the houses surrounded with lush greenery and verdant neighbourhood, making the concept of biophilic residential spaces the way forward for realtors in the cities like Hyderabad. However, with the prices of various projects in the city being exorbitant, their interest is shifting towards the outskirt areas like Ghatkesar, Hayathnagar, Kukatpally and more.

Staying at par with the realty trends, Builders in Hyderabad are not leaving any stone unturned by using the latest technology to construct the projects adjoining natural scenic beauty for attracting the buyers.Builders Hyderabad namely Modi Builders, well known for offering various projects like open plots, villas and even options like independent house for sale in Hyderabad,among others, are considering all the green features required to offer lively surroundings.

Abundant urban green spaces, large areas allocated to trees, lawns and plethora of flora and fauna types are the major attractions of projects by Modi Builders located in the outskirts of Hyderabad. Based on these concepts, their magnificent projects like Edifice, Elegance, Paradise, Sterling Heights and many more offer a green cover along with the latest amenities.

Additionally, to preserve the natural resources, green building features like rain-water harvesting, water-efficient fittings, solar lighting for common areas and LEDs, landscape gardens and ventilation across all homes, are included as well.

The projects offering villas and apartments like Golden County at Rampally are the top-class examples of ideal residential spaces embedded with exclusive features like a special kind of flooring, insulation, and roofing to protect your home and loved ones from any natural calamity.

A green cover around the homes and biophilic designs have become the USP of numerous projects by builders Hyderabad. Certainly, these trends have gradually emerged as a necessity from being a luxury due to the increasing popularity, and thus, realtors are thriving on these aspects to enhance the lifestyle of millennial homebuyers.

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