BitIQ: A Crypto Trading Bot Review

A cryptocurrency trading bot is a computer application or operation which trades crypto for a trader based on set procedures. Crypto trading applications operate clearly as you can empower the bot to either buy or sell once it attains a particular price level. When Crypto trading bots are involved, you don’t need to sit all day, keeping track of your platform and watching for price movements. This allows one to do other productive activities with time. Also, you can alter the crypto trading bot to your specifications for the trading process. So amazing!

Considering the generous help that crypto trading bots offer and the scam rate that is on the increase, it is tremendously important to do thorough research to get the legitimate ones. One of such is BitIQ. BitIQ is a crypto trading bot that helps investors who do not have the luxury of time to make trades. It is considered one of the world’s widely used and most effective trading bots in the market. It allows you to make profits without necessarily monitoring the trades. For BitIQ, there is no need for any human to operate it. You can check this app review for more information.

This website allows consumers to stake in the bitcoin price swings or changes with no strain, stress, or foreknowledge. A vital characteristic of a trading bot is the precise presentation and analysis of fresh news which majorly tells on the market. BitIQ possesses this feature as it keeps users up to date and aware. This fact is accurate, as several users attest while using the trading bot. BitIQ also provides essential information on the platform for novice traders to learn as they trade. The popular notion is that one needs foreknowledge to succeed in any endeavor. BitIQ eliminates that as one does not require training to start making profits.

BitIQ ranks as the safest crypto trading bot as all that is needed for successful trades is available to avoid loss. As far as one adheres to all guidelines, safety is assured. You must also actively use the demonstration account as it helps to sharpen the trading skills and eradicate errors that traders could have avoided. The guidelines that have been put in place are the determinants of the amount of money that a trader can make, and compliance or neglect would affect the profits either positively or negatively. Some features distinguish BitIQ from other crypto trading bots. Let us look at them.

Key Characteristics of BitIQ

Verification Strategy

When a supposed trader signs up for a new account on BitIQ, the system verifies the information and details provided to ensure that they are correct. This process also occurs automatically. Once the full name, e-mail address, and phone number are provided to establish identification, trading can begin within minutes.

Auto Trade Characteristic

It has been researched and proven that the human brain cannot be compared to the swiftness and precision of a computer’s intelligence. An old Chinese proverb says that ‘the faintest ink is better power than the brightest brain.’ This shows how much the computer can be a powerful tool. The auto trade feature gives users peace of mind as the trade runs from start to finish without their input. It also aids traders in automating the processes to spend time on other essential activities while making profits.


Many potential traders have built wrong impressions about crypto trading, and some have even totally avoided it because of some hidden fees for executing trade requests, transactions, and withdrawals. BitIQ has eliminated many of these costs to facilitate ease for its consumers. The 2% commission on trades considered successful is the only fee that BitIQ takes.