Brain Health and immune health: How to keep the balance

Have you ever thought about the connection between the human brain and immune health? Have you ever come across the fact that they are connected and can affect each other? Well, sure you have this kind of thoughts sometimes.

Just a few decades ago, immunologists refused to accept that the immune system is closely connected with the nervous system or brain and can work independently, but now, they claim it! Yes, the cognitive and immune systems “work together”.

How? The immune cells deliver signals to the brain through the communicative links between them and according to these signals the brain controls and balances the immune system. And immune system in its turn regulates brain health and cerebration (activity of brain). This ‘communicative-talk ‘takes place due to the chemical ‘language’ and some specific receptors both systems have. 

How to keep the balance.

As we know our immune system plays a huge role in coping and struggling with many microorganisms that cause disease. Sometimes it doesn’t manage and we have to help from outside. And the same is about brain health. People throughout their lifetime face different situations where they have to measure their capabilities and express their rational, emotional, psychological and communicative potentials. For carrying out these actions, good brain health is in charge. The fact is that brain health is being shaped from the moment of fertilization and continues throughout lifetime and besides genes play a huge role in it.

But fortunately, people can affect the brain and the immune system to ‘make’ them work properly, in other words you can help them with some tips we’ll recommend.

1.       Use it or lose it: In order to keep your brain healthy, you should do mental activities regularly. Everyday reading, learning languages or something new, playing chess, solving crosswords or puzzles and activities like these, will help your brain stay in shape to the end of your life. Also you can try the technique of changing hands, that is, if you are a right hander, try to do some little things (for example washing teeth) with your left hand, and vice versa. This may seem insignificant, but believe it’s a huge task for your brain.

2.       Eat healthy and mostly vegan: Too much red meat, animal fats, sugar, gluten and salt are crucial for our brain and immune system. Try to make them less in your diet or preferably avoid them. Instead use more veggies, greens and herbs. You can also use Herbal Supplements which will definitely do the work for you.

3.       Physical activity: One of the best ways to train both body and mind is to exercise regularly. Not just once in a while but with exact consistency. Training your body, you’ll keep in balance your brain and immune health, amazing, right? It’s due to the fact that while exercising your brain receives increased blood flow which accordingly boosts brain’s proper work. As for the immune system its

4.       Sleep smart: Perhaps the hardest thing in our daily life is trying to sleep well. But the continuous lack of sleep can harm not only your immune system but also brain health. The lack of 6-8 hours of sleep can make you nervous, angry, forgetful, not attentive and which is worst, it can lead you to many illnesses.

These, we believe, are the essential ways to keep the balance for both the immune and brain health. If you are worried about your future and want to live a healthy life then try to keep this advice in mind and stay in shape.

Vivek is a published author of Meidilight and a cofounder of Zestful Outreach Agency. He is passionate about helping webmaster to rank their keywords through good-quality website backlinks. In his spare time, he loves to swim and cycle. You can find him on Twitter and Linkedin.