Buying A New Beauty Blender: Some Expert Tips

Patchy makeup can ruin your entire look, even if your dress, accessories and hairdo are perfect. Most people tend to underestimate the importance of a beauty blender in their makeup routine. Some people use their bare fingers or pieces of cotton instead of a beauty blender to blend their makeup. 

How To Perfect Your Evening Look With The Right Beauty Blender

Like every makeup accessory, a beauty blender is key to getting the perfect look, and if you buy the wrong beauty blender, you may not get the optimum results. At times you may need more than one beauty blender, and in such cases, you may go to a beauty blender wholesale seller to get many blenders at a reasonable rate. If you are new to the world of glamour and makeup, here are a few tips that will help you in selecting the right beauty blender for yourself.

The Shape Of The Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders can come in different sizes, but they all have a pointed end. The pointed tip of the blender is vital as it helps the foundation reach the hard-to-reach spots on your face. Places like the corners of your nose or the under-eye are difficult to reach. So, if you need complete coverage, select a blender with a pointed or sharp enough tip to reach even the most difficult corners of your face. Also, the beauty blender must be gripped properly in between your thumb and index finger so make sure to check out the grip before you make a purchase.

The Material Of The Blender

Apart from the shape and the pointedness of the beauty blender, the material of the blender is also important. Most of the time, it is made up of sponde. The sponge is porous. It does not absorb the entire foundation that is poured on it. Moreover, a sponge helps apply the foundation or any other makeup product smoothly on the face. Apart from a sponge, you can also go for a silicon-based blender, but the problem with silicon-based products is that it will work only for liquid-based beauty products.

Using The Beauty Blender

Buying the right beauty blender is not enough to get the perfect look. Maintaining the blender is also critical. Not all blenders are the same, but most need to be replaced every two to three months. Also, it is advisable to wet the sponge before use, and it is always a good practice to keep the blender as clean as possible. So, you should always wash and dry the blender after every use.


Buying the right beauty blender can make a lot of difference to your makeup routine. So the next time you wish to buy a blender, check the shape and the material it is made up of and try to maintain it carefully ( wash, rinse and dry after every use).

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