Buying a wheelchair – Things to keep in mind

Are you looking for a wheelchair for yourself or a dear one? Are you confused about the choices available? If yes, it’s common!

Similar to any technological equipment, the new-age wheelchairs come with great features and options. Hence, it is necessary that you exactly know what you want. A wheelchair is the best choice for a person with mobility issues. Although many people look at them as temporary mobility solutions, others consider them standard assistive mobility solutions. Few of the devices are foldable, allowing you to carry them anywhere.

However, if you are all set to buy a wheelchair for your loved one, here are a few pointers that can help you make an informed decision.

  1. Manual or electric

When you are all set to buy this device, you need to make an important distinction. If you want to opt-in for a conventional manual wheelchair or choose an electric wheelchair, you should ask yourself.

Does your loved one have mobility issues or any severe health condition which limits mobility? If yes, an electric wheelchair is a correct option. On the other hand, if you need a wheelchair temporarily, you can choose a manual wheelchair that caters to the condition. Selecting either one is always dependant on budget capacity and personal preferences. Choosing a manual wheelchair indicates that you are required to choose between a self-propelled or attendant propelled type. The former comes with big wheels, which implies you have increased ease.

  • Shape and body-build

Before you buy a wheelchair, it is necessary to consider the body build. Age is also important, as children and adults require different chairs. Other factors like gender, height, and body weight are also essential, and you need to consider them to choose the correct chair. If you want, you can get in touch with a mobility expert or healthcare provider while buying a chain. They can examine the concerned person and help you to decide the best wheelchair option.

  • Size and dimension

Size has an essential role to play when you want to purchase the correct wheelchair. It would help if you chose a chair which has a comfortable fit. It’s not safe to sit in a wheelchair is extremely small. Similarly, you might slip if you sit in a large wheelchair. Few service providers offer custom-made choices for children and adults. It will help if you get familiar with the various weight limits for each device. You can ask the mobility expert to know the chair limitations.

  • Durability

According to studies and research, a wheelchair’s average lifespan is two to three years. A manual wheelchair can last up to five years. Your mobility requirements might change during this time. Also, you might want to upgrade the device if the old one gets outdated. Before you purchase a wheelchair is it is necessary to consider your use frequency. Are you going to use the device occasionally? Or will this device be your primary mobility tool? When you answer these questions and consider the factors mentioned above, you can better know the type of wheelchair you need to buy.