Can Pierre Gasly Return to Red Bull?

Today, together with Zemotor, we will introduce you to the biography of the French F1 driver. Pierre Gasly has seen more than the average 25-year-old driver, and even more than the average 25-year-old Formula One driver. He is currently driving electrified qualifying laps and strong competitions, and he will have a lot of talent on the crests of the waves. Of course, Pierre has been here before. Few riders will experience the rapid ascent, amazing descent, and extraordinary return that this Rouen resident witnessed.

Despite this, Gasly still showed extraordinary endurance and mental toughness, which he said came from experience. “You get better and stronger year after year. But you also become yourself, competing for the race, building, and gaining experience,” he said. 

 “Besides, you make progress through mistakes and failures, because that’s how you progress.” 

 When asked about the career that made him the race driver today, perhaps surprisingly, Pierre Much depends on his growth experience during the Red Bull youth team. Many, but this profession makes him unique.

Pierre Gasly was selected as the driver in 2019 to replace Daniel Riccardo, but he spent only 12 games on the court next to Max Verstappen opposite the garage and he was transferred to the then Toro Rosso Sister team. He was replaced by Alex Alben.

Gasly was prone to fall in the middle of the season, but he actually became one of the strongest drivers on the grid and has now been on the podium with Toro Rosso/AlphaTauri in three positions. 

But despite all the success of AlphaTauri, it is clear that part of Gasly still hopes to get a second chance at Red Bull.

“I’m confident it will be possible,” Gasly told Sky Sports F1.

“But for that, there must be a will. The will on my side is there, I want to be in a competitive car, I want to fight for podiums, for wins, for championships.

“I’m sure we’ll discuss over the next few weeks and few months how my future looks. If it’s with Red Bull, if it’s with AlphaTauri, or if it’s with someone else.”

Gasly was linked to leaving the Red Bull family and joining the French Alps, but as Esteban Ocon recently signed a new three-year contract, Fernando Alonso will remain in the team until the end of 2022 and the door is closed for Gasly who did not reveal whether he received contact from other teams on the Internet.

“I’m not going to say that!” Gasly said.

“You can try asking, but obviously my situation at the moment is quite clear with Red Bull and, ultimately, it will be their decision.

“I’m doing my best to show them I deserve to be in that seat. With three podiums in the last two years in a midfield car, I don’t think many drivers have achieved it.”

Even if Red Bull is not ready to give Gasly a second chance, he now feels like a different driver than the first driver in his seat.

“I’m a bit different now than I was at Red Bull,” he reflected. “I’m more experienced, I think I have clearer ideas of what I need from the team, from the car, and also from myself.

“Then on the other side, the team is also giving me everything I need and asking to be competitive.

“With Red Bull, at the end of the day it was very short – we didn’t have much time to make it work. There were clear problems and I didn’t really have the time to solve all the issues we have.

“I’m sure it will be possible to make it work with them, but at the moment it’s not a question [if I drive with them again].

“We’ll see what happens in the future because I’ve scored three podiums for this team, no one has ever done it before.

“Personally, I want to fight for podiums on a more consistent basis.”

Gasly keen to return to Red Bull: ‘I can perform at least as well’

Last June 2021, the French had the opportunity to participate in Red Bull, but could not convince the team at that time. Gasly was replaced during the season and was replaced by Alexander Albon. Another opportunity for the Verstappen and Perez team.

“I think I can perform at least as well as him,”

Gasy reported in an interview with “I worked very hard to become a complete racer. I will show it on the track. I fight both Ferrari and McLaren at the same time, and I do it all the time. I participated in qualifying and the race. I think I will show very good potential. “

In the first free practice session of the Styrian Grand Prix, Gasly succeeded again with the second-best result. “I don’t think any other driver has scored 37 points after seven games with AlphaTauri. In the past, such a result would always be an immediate transfer to Red Bull, or at least soon,” he said.

It is not ruled out that Pierre Gasly will return to Red Bull next year. 

In the opinion of Alpha Tauri boss Franz Toast, although his own boss, Red Bull’s top spokesperson, Dr. Helmut Marko, seems to be more inclined to leave Sergio Perez than his teammate Max Verstappen. 

 Marco criticized Perez after the second game in Austria and joked that the Mexican “gets more penalty points than the World Championship points.” 

 According to Tost, Gasly cannot be ruled out. 

 “He is currently one of the best drivers on the grid, that’s for sure,” the Austrian told French Car Weekly. “He never stops learning. 

 “I have already said that it is a good thing to keep the driver in the team for a long time. This is what the most successful drivers do. 

” Not everyone can do it, but people like Sebastian Vettel and Pierre can do it. Perhaps the best example is what Michael Schumacher meant, “Toast was added. 

 When asked whether the 25-year-old Frenchman Gasly will really replace Perez next year, Toast replied: “We have to see which Red Bull decides which driver. 

 “But we are only one-third of this season. There is no time to worry about these things at this level.

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