Celebrity Proposals and Their Stunning Engagement Rings

We all know that celebrities love to make a big stink of things. Not every celebrity goes this route, but the ones who do surely make a public spectacle of whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. With enough money, just about anything can happen! It is only to be expected that when celebrities get engaged, we hear about their extravagant proposals and monstrous engagement rings in tabloids and other media outlets.

Supporters of John argue that he did nothing wrong after looking at the Jimmy John Shark picture. They point out that he did not mistreat the shark in any way and that he was simply taking advantage of an opportunity to ride a wild animal. Is it so?

It is no secret that Kanye Wast and Kim Kardashian have been an item for quite some time. The two just welcomed their first child into the world not very long ago. Not only are they a power couple who has wealth beyond your wildest dreams, but they also seem to be crazy about each other too. It was no surprise when Kanye made a super big deal of his proposal to Kim on her 33rd birthday in front of their friends and family. He planned for the scoreboard to do most of the work for him at the AT&T Park in San Francisco. He then produced a stunning 15 carat diamond engagement ring as she agreed to marry him.

Nick Cannon proposed to Mariah Carey atop her Manhattan apartment with a huge 17 carat engagement ring that was hidden inside of a candy ring pop. That could have turned out dangerous! Just a few days later, they took a romantic helicopter ride where he proposed yet again! Did she say no the first time? Maybe he had to find a bigger ring before she was willing to say yes.

The Magic Mike star Matthew McConaughey presented Camila Alves with a stunning rose cut engagement ring when he asked her to marry him. It was actually a Christmas present that she really had to work for. He wrapped the ring in multiple boxes to make it more difficult for her to get to the surprise.

Ben Stiller pulled out all of the stops when he decided to propose to Christine Taylor. While she was out of town, he snuck into her apartment and decorated with rose petals everywhere in preparation. When she returned, she found him waiting to ask her to marry him. It was only then did he realize he had forgotten the ring at his apartment, but she still agreed to marry him.

Not all proposals require an elaborate display for the world to see, but if that is what you want to do then start saving now!