Cheap holiday destinations in Gauteng

Where to Enjoy a Budget Getaway 

Are you looking for a cheap holiday destination in Gauteng? You’ve come to the right place! With its bustling cities, beautiful nature reserves, and unique attractions, Gauteng has something to offer every budget-conscious traveler. Below we’ll explore some of the best destinations for getting away on a budget. 

Fun Activities on a Budget 

Gauteng is home to plenty of free or low-cost activities that make great day trips. Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Visit Johannesburg Zoo – This famous zoo is home to over 190 species of animals and also offers interactive activities like petting zoos and train rides. Best of all, entrance fees start at only R50 per person (children under 3 get in free). 
  • Take an Art Tour – Pretoria and Johannesburg have several art galleries where you can take guided tours for free. 
  • Enjoy Local Parks – Pretoria and Johannesburg both have plenty of parks where you can enjoy a picnic or simply relax in nature. 

Where to Stay on a Budget 

Gauteng offers plenty of budget-friendly accommodation options, from camping sites to hostels and self-catering units. 

  • Camping Sites – You’ll find several campsites in Gauteng where you can pitch your tent for under R200 per night. Be sure to book ahead as these sites often fill up fast! 
  • Hostels – If you’re looking for a budget-friendly place to stay, there are several hostels in Gauteng that offer dormitory beds starting at around R150 per night (private rooms cost more). 
  • Self-Catering Units – For those who want more privacy, there are also several self-catering units scattered throughout the province. Prices start at around R350 per night for a basic studio apartment (prices vary depending on location and amenities). 

Eating Inexpensively While On Vacation  

When it comes to dining out, Gauteng has something for everyone. Here are some options for dining on the cheap: 

  • Street Food – From shawarma to biltong and boerewors rolls, street food is always a cheap and tasty option. You’ll find vendors in most cities as well as at some of the larger attractions. 
  • Fast Food Chains – If you’re looking for a convenient meal, Gauteng is home to several fast-food chains where you can get a meal for around R50. 
  • Local Restaurants – There are also plenty of local restaurants that offer meals at reasonable prices (around R100 per person). Do your research beforehand so you know where to go! 

Getting Around On A Budget  

Getting around Gauteng doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some tips for getting from place to place without breaking the bank: 

  • Use Public Transportation – Taking public transportation is often the cheapest and most convenient way to get around Gauteng. The major cities have extensive bus systems and there are also commuter trains that run between Johannesburg and Pretoria. 
  • Book an Uber or Taxi – If you need something faster, book an Uber or taxi ride — both are typically more affordable than renting a car. 
  • Rent a Car – If you plan to explore further afield, consider renting a car. You can usually find great deals on rental cars if you book in advance. 

So there you have it: Gauteng is one of South Africa’s most budget-friendly destinations for holidaymakers. With its diverse range of attractions, accommodations, and dining options, it’s the perfect place for getting away on the cheap!

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