How to choose a day care school in Pune?

Day care schools are a special type of institutions that provides supervision and care to a child during daytime when their parents go for their jobs. With so many day care schools mushrooming in recent times, choosing a good one can be stressful as well as overwhelming for a parent. It is very important to choose a good day care school because the first few years of a child’s life are very crucial. The child’s brain undergoes rapid development and the formative years play an important role in the overall development of a child. A child will spend most of his time in a day care school in the absence of his parents. Therefore, it is important that children should not only feel safe, well cared for and happy, but their time should also be utilized to empower them with knowledge and skills.

If you are a resident of Pune looking for a day care school, you will be glad to know that Pune has a number of good day care schools. These schools serve the purpose of caring for children when their parents are away. But what are the factors in choosing a good day care school in Pune? There are many factors involved in selecting a good day care school.

Making a checklist is always a good start. Here are some of the important factors to consider.

  1. School environment: Ask your child if he finds the school welcoming and inviting? Does the staff engaged with children in a positive manner? And does it seem safe? Does the school have procedures for entering the building—and who comes and goes with your child?
  1. Disciplinary techniques – What kind of disciplinary techniques/methods do the school use? It is essential to see if the methods used by the daycare school are in line with your own methods.
  1. Learning and programs – Ask about the curriculum and what are they teaching the kids? What are their goals for these teachings, and are they tailoring these to their age and developmental stage?
  1. Facility and staff – Find out if the teachers are trained professionals. Are they verified in CPR and first aid? Also, find out if the building, classroom and equipment are clean and in good working condition.
  1. Pay a Visit – Before enrolling your child you must be fully satisfied with the facilities offered by the institution. Ask about the staff turn-over. If the teacher changes after every six months, move on to the other alternative. This is because children need consistency to form strong relationship. Also, check the classrooms, play areas and other important factors like student-teacher ratio.

Specialized in the art of caring for young children, Bharati Vidyapeeth Rabindranah Tagore School of Excellence is considered as one of the best day care schools in Pune. With trained professionals and well-defined infrastructure, this day care school helps children become a little more independent and sociable. The trust and good will that the school have built over the years is based on the passion that the team have invested in education and evolved learning systems.

Bharati Vidyapeeth 

The founder of Bharati Vidyapeeth Hon’ble Dr. Patangrao Kadam always believes that primary and pre-primary education is fundamentally important for a child for transforming him into a full-fledged social being. Bharati Vidyapeeth started functioning with certificate examinations in English and Mathematics for the school going children. Bharati Vidyapeeth develop students right from pre-primary to higher secondary classes and encourage them to go for higher education. There are 91 units, spread over 9 districts of Maharashtra namely Pune, Sangli, Satara, Kolhapur, Solapur, Navi Mumbai, Raigad, Thane and Palghar. These include a few cosmopolitan and international schools as well as the schools in interior regions.