How to Choose the Jewelry for Wedding?

Jewelry: The day of your wedding is a unique day. It is probably for this reason that you go out of your way to ensure that everything is perfectly settled. Places, caterers, hairdresser, decorations, animation, invitations, table plan … You leave nothing to chance, and after all, it is very understandable. But recognize that some of these tasks, you can delegate. To your friends or marriage professionals, as you wish. But if there is one thing you can only choose for yourself, it’s the jewels you’ll wear on D-day.

From the most sober to the most exotic

The choice of your jewelry is an important passage. Because what you decide to wear says a lot more about you than you think. The reasons, the sizes, the colours, the value of the jewel in question are as many clues left on your personality. However, it is unlikely that the people you have invited will stop at this kind of detail to find out who you are. And the choice of your jewelry now rests on two main criteria, both entirely subjective; your taste for jewelry, and your good taste when pairing the chosen jewel with other accessories and the bride’s bouquet.

As a general rule, it is advisable to always oppose a Yin to Yang. More clearly, if you wear a dress already worked, even lightly loaded, choose a sober bouquet and a fair adornment elegant, raising your class. If not, a light dress, your jewelry can attract a little more attention. And nothing forbids you to play with the colours, between your hairstyle or your hat, your bouquet, even your shoes or your gloves. Of course, the big difficulty in this matter is to guide your choice. In short, where do I start? What jewelry for what dress Midwest Jewelry has all types of jewelry?

Do you have to focus on the dress and choose accessories? Or, on the contrary, it is the sublime earrings that you have coveted for months that will guide … The choice of your dress? This is where the crux of the problem lies. The first thing to do is to put your priorities first.

The dress matching the jewels, or the jewelry matching the dress?

According to feedback from all married women, it appears that the dress is always harder to find than any accessory. It is true that the dress alone is a treasure to find. So with additional criteria, the easiest way is to go to tailor-made. The voice of wisdom, therefore, commands to fix itself first on the dress, before advancing on the jewels. Secondly, the bride’s bouquet must fit perfectly into the floral decoration of the various ceremonial places, the wine of honour and the wedding meals. It, therefore, seems more coherent to adapt the bouquet of the bride to the dress and let the choice of jewelry be done in a third time, with the hairstyle.

It is, therefore, your previous choices that will guide your search for jewelry. Note that this is an advantage more than a disadvantage. By restricting a little the field of your choice, you will more easily reach your ends. The number of jewelry available and specially designed for the bride and groom is so incredible that it is often better to be limited to an idea, a kind of jewelry. If the twisted gold is both in your personal taste and fits perfectly in the consistency of your outfit, you will find hundreds of different models of this kind, declinable, moreover in different media.

Coherence and balance

But the most important thing is to find a balance between your tastes; what you want to wear and overall consistency. Finding your jewelry is having both a keen eye on detail and a holistic view of your complete outfit. In the absolute, it is towards this perfect balance that you must tend. Therefore, the choice of your jewelry can be summed up to a real pleasure. It was already one you say … There are no rules concerning jewelry. The desire to wear modern jewelry, soberly tinged with blue or green, given to the sea or to the nature in which you will be at the time of pronouncing your vows is quite possible.

If you want to wear only a necklace, or only earrings interest you, it is also possible. If you were to deliver two counsels, you would be told this; be consistent, and do not overdo it when looking to beautify yourself. Do not forget that this very day, the most beautiful jewels you will wear will be your smile … And the two brilliant nuggets on each side of your nose…


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