Common mistakes when renovating a bathroom

When preparing for a bathroom renovation, you need to understand its features clearly.

Firstly, in the bathroom, hot and cold-water communications, water draining into the sewer, and electrical wiring for lighting sources are concentrated. Therefore, specific safety requirements for the proximity of water and electricity arise in the bathroom. It would help if you also considered the possibility of high humidity in the bathroom. Therefore, all communications must be installed safely and not spoil the overall design of the bathroom.

The second feature of a bathroom renovation is that it must be carried out as soon as possible. During the refurbishment of this room, the apartment tenants experienced strong inconveniences every day since each family member had to use the bathroom at least two times a day. The situation is more complicated if small children or older people also live in the apartment.

Although the bathroom is a small room in the apartment, it is essential. Due to the specific conditions, it requires a unique approach to repair. Bathroom vanity online store New Bathroom Style considers mistakes made at different stages of repair work lead to emerging problems in the future. Also, an illiterate approach to bathroom design can lead to some inconveniences in using your modern bathroom vanity.

Floor decoration

According to statistics, a person gets most of all home injuries in the bathroom. Smooth floor tiles in a humid environment are a source of increased risk. A few drops of water are enough to turn such a surface into a roller. It is most dangerous for the elderly and young children. If tiles are chosen as the material for the floor decoration, then ribbed floor tiles will be the best solution. It is desirable if it has a special anti-slip coating.

Ceiling decoration

A popular and economical option for decorating a ceiling in a bathroom is plastic panels. But it should be remembered that they will not save from the flood from above. In addition, unpleasant stains may remain on the surface. The optimal solution is to install a stretch ceiling, which provides reliable protection against large leaks and makes the bathroom’s appearance more presentable. Moreover, it is straightforward to drain water from such a structure with just one puncture of its surface.

Tile calculation

It’s a shame when only a few tiles are not enough to complete the bathroom’s finishing, and the store of building and finishing materials reported that the required collection has already been discontinued. A similar situation often occurs for those who have not purchased a tile with stock or have incorrectly calculated the required amount of material. Before starting the cladding work, buying tiles 10% more than the necessary amount (with a horizontal layout) or 15% (with a diagonal structure) is essential.

Bathroom Vanity and Sink height

If the bathroom vanity is set too high or low, it won’t be easy to use. The best option is the height from the floor, which is 32″ to 34″. It is suitable for members of the whole family. However, if their size is non-standard, then you can purchase a floating bathroom vanity to place it at a convenient level.


Many people tend to underestimate important, but at first glance, things. The ventilation system is an irreplaceable thing in rooms with high humidity. Without it, fungus and various microorganisms can quickly start in the bathroom. If necessary, it is highly desirable to install forced ventilation.

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