Common Types of Pest and The Most Effective Way of Preventing Infestations

Pest infestation is among the undesirable events every homeowner wants to avoid all year long. Why? Because they are pests, they can harm our family members and our prized possession: the house.

There are different common types of pests; you might have seen them, whether you know them or not. Let us enumerate and discuss each type briefly.


Spiders are arachnids, and they are not insects. They are either hunters or spiders that build webs.

Spiders do aid in reducing insect and other noxious spider populations in your garden. Some spider species, however, turn into dangerous pests when they choose to invade properties in large numbers.

Additionally, venomous spiders do exist. One example is the wolf spider brown recluse of Australian origin that is considered to have the most potent venom among all spiders. A bite can cause severe pain & itching, also resulting in numbness in the entire area of the bite. It is critical to avoid coming into contact with them as their venom is potent enough to result in serious health issues.

If you do not know how to identify venomous spider species, leave the job to pest control Gilbert Arizona companies so you can avoid injuries.


Ants are social insects that frequently invade homes. They have three castes or groups within their colonies: workers, queens, and fertile males. While foraging for food, worker ants move through our yards and inside our homes.

Although they are not especially dangerous pests to have roaming around your home, ants are discouraged. They have the ability to pollute surfaces and food with pathogens and bacteria.


Cockroaches are insects with six spine-covered legs and oval-shaped bodies that enable them to move quickly from one location to another. They also have long antennae.

One of the most prevalent and harmful pest species, cockroaches, frequently invade our homes and commercial areas, where they pose a threat and a hazard.

They are adaptable beings that are challenging to manage and stop. Any home or place of business that has cockroaches poses serious health risks. They are in charge of dispersing a wide range of germs and harmful bacteria that can make people sick.


The rat and mouse are two of the most prevalent rodent species that trouble homeowners and business owners.

Once they make our properties their habitat, they are tough to get rid of because they are persistent and challenging to manage pests.

Rats and mice both harm people’s health and wreak structural havoc on homes and businesses. Rats can spread diseases like rat-bite fever, hantavirus, and salmonella.


Termites are wood-eating insects that can cause significant property damage. Because they can harm our properties, termites are dangerous.

While termites occasionally harm living trees and plants, they typically eat wood and other plant materials that have been damaged by water or are otherwise decaying.

They are active all year round, working nonstop to provide for their colony. They can cause extensive damage that is costly to repair if they are not stopped.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can infest any home or place of business, so it’s crucial to understand what they are and how to spot them.

Because they frequently feed on our blood while we sleep, bed bugs got their name. When it comes to bed bugs, the biggest medical worry is that their scratchy bites could become infected as a result of excessive scratching, much like fleas do.

Although bed bugs won’t be drawn to unkempt homes, messiness can permit a bed bug infestation to grow stealthily.


Small parasitic insects known as fleas feed exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded mammals.

Fleas can enter your home if you or your pets come into contact with flea-infested grass or soil.

The many raised, red, itchy bites that fleas do deliver to both humans and our pets are just one of the problems caused by fleas. Several people and pets are sensitive to the saliva of fleas, which can result in dermatitis after a flea bite. Secondary infections may result from excessive itching brought on by the bites.

The Most Effective Way of Preventing Infestations

While there are several practices where we can prevent pest infestation at home, the best and most straightforward way of managing infestation is through hiring professional pest control. Not only do they know how to identify pests, but they also know how to stop the infestation fully.

If you are having pest problems, pest control Gilbert AZ companies are available to help you out.

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