There was a time when students had minimal career paths at their disposal. So it was relatively easy for them to cherry-pick the field that could best capitalize on their potential. However, times have changed now. Owing to the abundance of options, choosing a career could be a daunting task. 

Until recently, many people wanted to take up technology-based jobs as they are rewarding, especially from a financial standpoint. But the intervention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has put a serious question mark on the future of those studying technical disciplines. According to a credible report, 34 percent of employees anticipate that their jobs will get automated in the span of a few years.    

Now the burning question is which profession does not subscribe to this uncertainty while ensuring other perks and privileges? Well, the answer lies in public health. It is concerned with methods and practices to prevent any illness and promote healthy living practices. 

Public health professionals accomplish their goals by training people, stepping into policymaking, and doing extensive qualitative and quantitative research. And with the initiatives like mph online no GRE requirement receiving academic knowledge about public health and has become easier than ever before.  

Hence to clear your confusion, this article provides the significant reasons why one should opt for this profoundly fulfilling work:   

  1. A Job That Makes The Difference

Every person has an inherent urge to serve the community. Public health is one of those career options where you can make a massive difference in others’ lives by your work. The welfare and well-being of fellow human beings is the soul of this profession and this field’s professionals’ responsibility. While working as a public health professional, you interact with the suffering factions of the society directly. The most precious reward for choosing public health is that you see your work as a reason for others’ well-being and happiness. 

  1. A Secure Career Option

As time goes by, the issues such as climate change, pandemics, floods, water-borne diseases, and so forth are marking a constant uptick. These global problems have led to severe health problems. Public health professionals are liable for the prevention and mitigation of such nuisances. 

The world needs enough public health workers to tackle the ongoing human health risks and prepare for upcoming ones. 

  1. Diverse Career Choices

Public health is one of the most expansive and diverse fields with many exciting career choices to pursue. After graduating in public health, an individual could join a host of organizations, including NGOs, government sectors, the corporate world, etc. So much so, you may start your volunteer services.

You can be a community mobilizer, health worker, illness investigator, researcher, public health researcher, health and welfare trainer, public health trainer, or policy advocate. Due to its diverse sub-division, public health can create jobs for almost every graduate. 

  1. A Challenging Job With Fruitful Results

After graduation, most people want to take on challenging responsibilities. Taking challenges in a job helps you to grow and learn down the road. Public health is a field with a wide range of challenges. The ongoing pandemic is the tell-tale example of that. Since coronavirus has reared its ugly head, health professionals became engrossed in identifying the underlying causes behind the outbreak and making an immediate prevention plan. It is not only a mentally demanding job but sometimes also keeps you occupied physically as well. 

As a public health expert, you could even face unjust criticism. But these factors contribute to strengthening you on personal and professional grounds. The self-satisfaction of serving the people and their challenge is the fruitful result worth all the hard work and challenging times. 


It is the era where unemployment gets categorically ranked amongst one of the most significant global issues, despite the uncontrolled multiplication of graduates’ numbers. That said, public health continues to be a sector with endless opportunities. By opting for this discipline, prospects can’t only ward off their doubts regarding job security but also live a satisfying life from the worldly and aesthetic aspects. As an individual, you may subscribe to a unique nature. Yet, this profession would not give you a tough time to settle.