Cool new features of the new ‘Android 8.o Oreo’

When Oneplus came to the scene, the users were disappointed that this new phone didn’t feature the much anticipated Android 8.o Oreo. Right when the news hit the ears of the makers of this device, they quickly announced an open beta for one plus 5 and one plus 5t. The company promised to launch the official version in the start of 2018.

Android Oreo has been doing brilliant since it was launched. There’s a growing army of Android Oreo phones which is adding many new phones in its circle but the Android Oreo in One plus has been updated and has brought along a number of cool and quirky new features with it. The upgrade in the software may take a little time in some phones because it is newly developed, but it is soon to feature in every One plus 5t device.

Let’s have a run down on the brand new features you can equip your One plus 5t with once you upgrade your Android in it.

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Switch ‘Easily’

Earlier last year, One Plus introduced an app One Plus Switch which had the capacity to let users transfer all their data from any Android phone to a One Plus smartphone. This works on the devices that run Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher with the One Plus Switch installed in it. The user can use a QR code to pair his device and choose the items to move.

Now with the new update in Android, the procedure is even simpler. All you need to do is get the update, install OnePlus Switch, scan the code and you are good to go!

Know more about your caller

When you get a call on your Android phone, the information that you typically get is just the name and the number. But after upgrading the software on your One plus 5t Pakistan, the details about the caller shown will also include the location from where they are calling. This is a great way to avoid the spam calls now as sometimes the calls come from a different region. Apart from this, the full details will let you decide whether or not you would like to attend the call.

Picture-in-Picture’ Mode

The upgraded Android version will allow the applications to be viewed in Picture-in-Picture mode which is a split window feature. This feature will split the screen into two which allows you to use two apps simultaneously. This is an excellent feature for those who like to multi function as none of their data is lost while switching from one app to another which often happens in switching from tab to tab.

Autofill Framework

AutoFill Framework helps the user save their time by making all the form filling processes easier. This AutoFill feature automatically fills the forms for accounts and credit cards etc. It saves a great deal of time by filling fields and minimizing user input errors. However you have to make some optimization to make the auto fill option work with you device.

Snooze individual notifications

This new option has the capacity to snooze messages individually. Previously in your phones, you would have to clear all the notifications altogether but now with this new feature you can snooze the message which will reappear after 15 minutes so that you do not miss it out if it is important.

Automated Quick Settings Theme

Quick settings menu has been given a visual refresh. When the theme of your phone is set to ‘Auto’ mode in settings, not light or dark, the pull down menu will change colors based on the wall paper you are using. If you are using a black or a dark wall paper, the menu will be dark grey otherwise, it will revert back to the white theme.

HI-Tech Bluetooth Codecs

Google has incorporated a set of high quality Bluetooth Codecs to improve the sound quality with other compatible Bluetooth devices. Due to the constant criticism thrown at Bluetooth for its poor sound quality and poor working, Google came up with this decision to add these Codecs and give its Bluetooth a great quality working factor.

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