Coupons on how you can go on to attract customers

A coupon happens to be an effective tool to influence the purchase habits of clients. Not only it is used to attract customers but retain them as well. Even it can be combined with other type of marketing methods. In fact the coupon is a traditional marketing channel which provides various benefits. It works out to be a strategy which triggers the purchase.  Though it is different from other marketing methods but when you combine it with them the results can intensify. With a coupon it is possible to adapt as per the changing needs of a business. mamaearth offers for new users provide it a definite advantage as a brand.

  A source of trigger to accomplish a purchase

At this point of time most of the customers end up looking for the right type of purchase plans at the best price you can obtain a quality product with a coupon. If there is a discount on a product it forces the customer to be purchasing the product.  A study did showcase that out of 500 customers close to 300 of them undertook a purchase with the use of a coupon.  They went on to record to state that the coupon did have a major impact on their choice. Not only this practice  effective in online websites but even it is of help in traditional commerce.

 A form of strategy not only retaining but attracting customers.

By a coupon you not only end up attracting new customers but retain them as well. It is possible for a customer to be discovering another product with a coupon or they might come back to you. By this strategy you go on to focus on brand preference with a long lasting relationship with the customer.

With a coupon a positive image is developed in the eyes of the masses. It is also helpful to generate new clients. It is possible for a customer to subscribe for a newsletter or wait for a promotional offer or seek out good deals. If they find that the services match to their expectations they would come back to you. All this might be in the hope of claiming a reduction voucher.

It is a tool that you may combine with other media

Along with traditional marketing tools a coupon can be used. It all depends upon consumer preferences as you can associate it with more than a single medium. The tool is developed so as to cope up with the changing demands of the customer. Examples might be in the form of impulsive, a young or a mature purchaser.

The offer types

Without damaging your brand image there are various types of offers that you can put in place to enhance your coupon. For a mama earth new user coupon it might work out to be a major benefit of sorts.

  • An exclusive offer to the re branded clients- the concept of remarketing means that you target those customers who have already visited your site. It presents the best return on investment as you are tapping on those customers who have been associated with you. With the help of precision you can go on to develop customized campaigns and it turns out to be successful. The customers would have gone on to add the products as part of their basket.
  • Promotions pertaining to birthdays and parties.- if the thought of a pretext offer seems attractive, there are numerous festivals as well. Since there are numerous occasions you will be spoil for choices. Pretty much like the super markets end up doing you might end up celebrating the anniversary for the entire month.
  • Help for a customer who has left behind items in their cart- a survey indicates that nearly half of the customers who have left items in the cart do not complete the purchase. For an abandoned basket you can set a reminder function, it is quite possible that you may cover 15 % of such baskets. Now going a step ahead why not roll out an offer for a customer who has not completed their purchase at the first attempt. A point to consider is that you need to operate this method in a systematic way so that customers are not aware of the same.
  • A reduction offer for the subscribers of newsletters- in modern times an email address is worth in gold as it provides a viable platform to communicate. Without any intermediatery the company can reach out to the customers directly. For these reasons many brands offer online coupons to the customers who subscribe to their newsletters. Then it is possible for the customer to be updated regularly about the products and updates. Once you have ready information at your fingertips you can take informed decisions.
  • A welcome offer- it works out to be an offer for the people who are visiting the site for the first time. There is no denying the fact that a customer feels great when they are given a welcome coupon as a promotion tactics. Though considering the other side of the coin it might turn out to be a source of frustration for a loyal customer of the company. Hence for this reason they might be tempted to create new accounts with an email address. The main reason why they venture to such a tactic is to cash in on the welcome offer. So as to be rewarding your existing set of customers you can provide them with equivalent or some type of unique promotional offers. They could be part of a loyalty program

To conclude promotions along with discounts are a great way to give the sales a much needed boast. It has to be used in an intelligent way where the sales figures will increase and the margins would not be compromised much. These are some of the major benefits of discount coupons. It is not only the digital age but the normal shops have gone on to adopt the same.