Crafting Dynamic Conference Presentations that Leave a Lasting Impact

Can you remind yourself of the best conference you have taken part in? Why do you still remember it? Was it one special speaker that grasped your attention? A captivating topic? The perfect organization and time management? Actually, these are the most crucial elements of a conference presentation that leave a lasting impact on the participants. Let us learn how to craft such a dynamic conference presentation.

Conferences differ, and presenters too 

There are a number of various conference types with different forms or purposes, which means they require different skills from presenters. 

The most common type to start with is a traditional conference, which takes place in person or online, during which the speaker is the core, presenting their topic to the audience. It requires very strong presentation skills, and there is no space for a lack of preparation to be able to talk about the topic of the conference presentation comprehensively and answer any occurring questions.

An event called a podium talk is focused on a specific theme, discussed by a few guest speakers on the stage. The presenter manages the whole conversation, which requires high knowledge of the topic and excellent communication skills.

A less formal idea for a discussion is a round table where participants share their personal experiences and stories. The presenter, or more accurately, the moderator, is focused on the management of the conversation. 

When talking about a workshop or training, we gather a group of people who strive to learn about one topic. The presenter needs to have perfect time management skills and, of course, personal knowledge. 

In the case of panel management, we can see the panel leader, who is the host of the event, and the moderator, who also needs to summarize the panel and evaluate the content.

A conference presentation with a lasting impact

First of all, it must be professionally impeccable, so when checked by organizers, you may be asked to provide references, recommendations, or previous lectures and publications to prove your level of expertise. When you show a video presentation, you already show your presentation skills. 

Apart from this obvious thing, your speech needs to meet a few requirements to be considered memorable. It’s best to start with the theme, which should be up-to-date and follow the latest trends in the field. It’s good when it provides answers and solutions to present issues. Don’t duplicate other publications and lectures, but rather stay fresh and unique. 

Your presentation must be funny and interesting, or else your audience will fall asleep. A speech filled with facts and endless details of research results is better for publication but cannot take place during a presentation. Humor can break the ice and activate the audience, yet control yourself not to become a stand-up comedian. 

It’s obvious you want the audience to believe you are a real expert, but you don’t want them to lose track of your idea, so make the speech clear for everyone. When you see your audience following your main point, go more into detail. 

Activating your audience should not be underestimated in order to make them more interested and more likely to remember your speech. You can allow them to ask questions or give them time to solve a puzzle to make them work in teams. Introduce some movement and socializing games. 

Who is a good conference speaker?

Do you want to be a memorable and recognized conference speaker? As the first impression matters, your appearance must be professional and suitable for the event. 

Work on the way you speak—not too quickly, not too slowly, with precise articulation. Remember the improvement in body language. Each speaker should work out their own style, so be professional but be yourself. 

A surprising structure in a presentation can activate the audience right from the beginning. Find your own methods to keep the attention of your audience, mind any decrease in interest, and react quickly. Control the time to be able to cover all topics planned and fit in a set time.

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