Cricket betting 101 for beginners

Sports prediction and betting have been a part of entertainment for centuries. It is the kind of thing that gives a thrilling experience to players and a huge dump of dopamine; which makes it pretty addictive. It is due to its addictive nature and other possible dangers it was made illegal in the majority of countries. But, now betting has made a huge comeback in the form of online betting, here people are forced to play under certain rules and regulation and this allows people to enjoy their favorite sports even more and bet their money without breaking the law.

With the massive increase in the popularity of mobile applications such as dream 11, there is a surge of many other similar apps. If you are someone who has never indulge in their fun activity and wishes to try their hands then you are in the right place. We are here to guide you and tell you all the things that you need to get started. 

One thing that you should keep in mind while checking out these tricks is that they will help you improve the odds of your “prediction” and you can be wrong so there is no need to be disheartened in case your team does not perform well. 

So, now with that out of the way let’s talk about few common aspects of cricket tips that are often overlooked by new players when making match predictions.

Here is our list of cricket tips to improve your odds of winning:

Player info

Most of the online cricket betting platforms have the same concept, you create your team and if the players you have chosen in your team perform well you will be given points, and based on your overall points you will get your position. So, the players you choose for your team will determine whether you will win or not. Hence, you should make your player selection after thorough research and collect all the necessary information before including any player in your team. 

Field and pitch info

How well your bowlers and batsmen will perform in any particular match also depends on the condition of the field and pitch they are playing in. So, you should check whether the pitch favors the batting side or bowling, the effects of dew on the pitch, and whether the first batting team or the second batting team is at the advantage. After checking all this you can make alterations to your team accordingly. 

Info source

Don’t trust the rumors get expert advice before placing your bet. You should always base your judgment on the information that you get from a reliable source. Extra innings held before the match is the ideal source for collecting the information regarding the above two points.   So, these are some key tips that you can implement when placing your bets in online betting applications. If you don’t perform well at first don’t fret and try again it is the experience that counts not money.