Custom Lash Boxes for Every Style of False Lashes

What is the easiest way of taking a woman’s makeup look from appearing dull to fascinating? If you think it is lipstick, blush, or foundation, you are completely wrong. Because the correct answer is false lashes. Yes, false lashes have the power of transforming your face more than you can imagine. Have you ever seen a Hollywood actress or model without false eyelashes? Never, right?

Well, there is a reason behind it. All the top makeup artists and beauticians know that false lashes are a must-use product to make women look beautiful.

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But thanks to the internet and platforms like YouTube, this fact is no more a secret. Makeup gurus have been giving regular people their secret makeup tips. This is why now many women know the true role of false lashes. So, it is no surprise that the demand for false lashes is increasing in the current times.

And since customers are now becoming more aware of false lashes, they are now also interested in buying different kinds of false lashes. While in the past false lashes only came in one or two basic designs, but that has all changed now. Not only are fake eyelashes available in different designs these days, but they are also made in various materials.

As a false lash retailer in current times, you must, of course, have so many varieties of lashes to sell. However, you need to ask yourself whether you are packaging all your lash types correctly? Are your false lash boxes customized to the individual needs of your products? Read ahead to find out the truth.

Strip Lashes

These are probably the oldest and most notable kinds of false lashes. And they are also most probably the kind of false lashes that most women go for while shopping. These consist of several fine false eyelash hair pieces attached to a curved strand of plastic strip. The latex glue is applied to this strip, and then the eyelashes are placed on the eyelid to stick them to a woman’s natural lashes.

As these usually come in a pair, they do not require a huge box. You can order a regular false eyelash box for these kinds of lashes from The Legacy Printing. They have years of experience in packaging and will always supply your packaging on time. This means you will never run out of packaging when demand for your strip lashes goes high. The company has a fast turnaround time, and they are very reliable suppliers of packaging.

Magnetic Lashes 

These are the newest addition to the false eyelash industry. Magnetic lashes have taken the world by storm because of their innovative design and glue-free sticking ability. By their look, they appear to be exactly the same as your common strip lashes. However, the main difference is that magnetic lashes have very tiny magnets attached to them at the strip.

To wear these lashes, you have first to apply a special magnetic liner to the eyelid. Then you place the false lashes close to the line of your natural lashes, and they stick to the magnetic liner. They are such a neat and safe way of wearing lashes without any hassle of using latex glue. This is why they have become so popular among women.

The Legacy Printing can greatly benefit you to design custom lash boxes for magnetic lashes. You can avail their free design support to get first-hand advice from their professional and qualified design staff. They will surely advise you on how to create packaging for your magnetic lashes. This packaging will not only protect your product but will also be the perfect way to show off your magnetic lashes to your customers.

With the company’s help, you can create window cutouts in your magnetic false lash packaging. The company doesn’t charge customers for die and plate costs. So, you can create custom packaging for less. With the help of window cutouts, you will be able to show your customers the unique nature of your magnetic lashes. This will further influence them to purchase from your brand.

Flare or Singular Individual Lashes

Individual lashes differ from other standard strip lashes as they are not attached to a piece of strip. Instead, they are sold as unique pieces of lashes, either in the form of clusters or as singular lash hairs. These lashes are meant to provide better control to the user as they can see exactly where they want to add more lash hair on the eyelids. You have the freedom of adding false individual lashes to just the outer corner of the eye while leaving the inner corner bare. This will create a fluttery look. Or you could sparingly apply single false lashes to create a subtle eye look.

For both flare and singular individual lashes, the packaging companycan provide you customized boxes that will be perfect for each product. The company lets you design packaging as you please, so you can create packages whichever way you want. Furthermore, the company also gives you a choice to select the size and shape of your product boxes.

So, for lashes, you can opt for a longer rectangular box as opposed to a small and square one. The choice is totally yours. And to make your packaging even more appealing, the company also adds free lamination to your custom-made boxes. This will undoubtedly make your packaging look much more appealing and attractive to the customers.

Get Your Custom False Lash Packaging

When you are selling premium products, then you also need packaging that looks just as high-quality. While you can opt for any supplier on the market, they will not fulfill your dreams of attaining the perfect packaging for your brand. It takes years of experience and hard work to customize packaging boxes according to customers’ needs. And more than that, it takes a lot of care to create impactful packaging.

So, if you want to create amazing packaging in every way, let the packaging firmcreate your custom fake eyelash boxes. They are America’s most trustworthy and reliable packaging and printing company. With their unique designs and wonderful ideas, your products will not only look great, but they will also sell well on the market. Their quality and design of packaging will certainly wow your customers and make them want to buy more. But that’s not all. Besides helping you make more sales, the company also offers free shipping, so you make high profits while incurring lower costs!

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