Decals or Clings: What’s best for Your Retail Store Windows?

Owners of retail stores have a tough job attracting customers to their outlets. Typically, they cannot afford to spend much on advertising, which rules out advertisements in newspapers, TV, and radio. Even the top billboards are out of reach for the average retail store. However, as a store owner, you can use your storefront window productively by making it an advertising powerhouse with a window decal or cling. Both the options are versatile and affordable, but you need to know which one to use for the best impact and oracal 651. Some of the most important differences between window decals and clings are explained:

The Material

Window decals are akin to stickers on which you can print your advertisement graphics and text to catch the attention of potential customers as they walk or drive by your store. The decals can be made from paper; however, high-quality shop window decals like from StickerYou are usually made from a thin sheet of vinyl, all of which can be printed in full color on sophisticated computerized machines. Window graphics clings, on the other hand, are usually made from very thin and flexible film-like sheets of vinyl with a high polish. Both materials are tough and durable, but their use is influenced by whether they will be placed outside or inside the store. If you’re looking for high-quality vinyl, make sure you buy your materials from reliable vinyl suppliers.

The Fixing 

The method of fixing on the glass window is the biggest difference between window decals and window clings. Window decals have a layer of adhesive, either on the back or the front, depending on whether the decal will be fixed outside or inside the glass window. The adhesive is protected by the backing paper that you need to peel away when fixing the decal. On the other hand, window advertising clings do not have any adhesive and are fixed to the glass by using the twin powers of static electricity and suction, both made possible by the thinness of the film as well as its high polish.

Vinyl decals tend to be more permanent than cling films due to the use of adhesive; however, if the surface is treated with soapy water before fixing, it is possible to adjust and reposition it before it dries out. Using a squeegee can help to remove air bubbles, according to Your Mechanic. Graphic clings, however, can be lifted and repositioned several times, if required, before you finally get it right. Vinyl decals once applied cannot be moved and reused though you can remove them easily and fix new ones. Cling films, however, are reusable many times. All you need to do is to carefully peel them off from the glass surface and reattach them wherever you like. If they refuse to stick well, you can wash both the film and the window glass, and the film will stick well once again.


Another critical difference between decals and clings is that decals can be fixed on both inside, as well as outside as it is weatherproof. However, clings can only be used in the inside of the shop as they will become unstuck in the face of wind and moisture or even hot and cold weather.

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