Office Design: How to Distribute The Space And Decorate It

Office design is very important so that the space you have is maximized and the distribution is the best to promote the productivity and comfort of employees. So here we give you some tips so that the design of the office is the most appropriate according to the needs of space.

How to divide spaces in an office

Often companies are faced with the problem of how to divide spaces in an office. This occurs when there is a room in which different departments have to work, but in which there is no structure that separates each of these spaces.

Faced with this problem, the most commonly used solution is to use dividers or partitions. These easily installable elements suppose a great advance in terms of space utilization and increase of the productivity, allowing dividing the spaces of an office without building.

Office screens are very important in any company that has many employees in the same room. The screens are an essential element in the design of any integral office. They fulfill a very important function responding to the need of how to divide offices in work desks for groups of employees. You have to know well when installing office screens. In a co-working it is not recommended because dividing screens would ballast the communication and the exchange of ideas between people. But in a large office area where there are many people doing different tasks, office dividers seem necessary. These dividing elements will provide a more orderly environment where each one will have their individual space, and will also reduce noise.

Advantages of dividing spaces in an office

It is true that every day, office design is more inclined to open more and more and its spaces are wider. While this is very positive and has many advantages, there are a couple of problems that the screens can solve.

Visual intimacy: thanks to the separation of spaces concentration increases when many people meet together in the same room. It also makes for a bit of privacy.

Noise reduction:  In a call-center or in very large offices, the noise of the phones ringing can be very annoying. The screens help to make the noise a bit smaller and do not disturb so much.

What spaces need to be divided?

Reception or waiting rooms: it is very important to make a waiting room very comfortable for visitors and to have all the amenities so that the wait is as pleasant as possible. But it is necessary to put some limits between the reception and the area where you work. This prevents workers from being distracted by the comings and goings of different people in the waiting room. A separation panel like the office screens helps to clearly separate these two different areas. A smart decision of office design.

Meeting rooms:  if the office area is very large and there are no clear separations, it may be necessary to put office screens for those more private meetings with clients or suppliers. This isolation can be positive so that the meeting is not interfered with by the noises of any office.

Training rooms: setting up a space for training is simple and very economical. Using some separator element, you can mount a training zone in the same office room. With these separations, the two zones will be separated and will not bother each other.

Nowadays, office design is becoming more open. The separations between departments are disappearing and it is a necessary change in favor of modernity and integration. The typical hierarchical office design is becoming obsolete. So what role does the classic office of the head of the company or organization have today? Here we want to specify the role of the chief’s office in today’s modern offices and how it should be integrated into this new paradigm in the labor sector.

The modern office

The office: a more useful space

In the classic office concept, the chief’s office occupies a prominent place and where many important decisions are made for the company. In a company with a clear hierarchy, the chief’s office occupies the highest place. But nowadays, where the clear separation of spaces in companies is disappearing, the firm has had a significant decrease in importance. For that, you have to give it a new use. It not only serves as the boss’s workspace. Now it must also serve to make certain important meetings with clients or suppliers. The office is finished where only the boss enters. Now we must turn the office into a more open space where meetings of all kinds can be held and any type of worker can enter and consult anything to the boss. By the way, when you start the journey of a new office you have to give it a new look. Second hand office chairs, tables, etc should be removed and replaced with new furniture, and a stunning wall design, and rooms should be decorated with lighting.

The new office does not already include furniture for only one person. Rather, it seeks to be the center where people talk about relevant issues, where they plan in groups, assign tasks, show reports, etc. The furniture must then also adapt to these changes with chairs with wheels for desk, large and organized tables, large-capacity cabinets, etc.

Transmit the philosophy of the company

The office must have an aesthetic consistent with the rest of the company. It can no longer be a single space independent of the office. It has to be in harmony with the space where it is integrated. If the whole company has wood as its main material, the office should also. If the company has a minimalist style, the office also. But the most important thing of all is that this aesthetic transmits the philosophy of the company. In our post on how to decorate a modern law firm we give some tips that show how the design of the space should be personalized.

If you want to transmit modernity and an innovative spirit in your company, the decoration of the office should also go along that line. This style is recommended for technology companies, IT, etc. If you prefer to convey elegance and luxury, the office should also look impeccable. This is more recommended for law firms, architecture, etc.

And do you think that modern office spaces have been reinvented in recent years? Do you think this new trend of office design is positive or negative? Do not hesitate to comment. If you are thinking of redecorating your office to make it more consistent with the rest of the space, you should not miss our post on how to choose an office table, this will allow you to choose tables and any other piece of furniture one hundred percent adapted to your needs.

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