Diamond Shapes for Every Style: Which Shape is Right for You?

When purchasing a diamond, much of the focus immediately goes to the 4Cs – cut, color, clarity and carat weight. These are all important and deserve careful consideration when deciding what you want in a diamond. But another critical factor is the diamond shape.

A diamond’s shape plays a significant role in how the diamond looks overall and the way it looks once on your finger. That’s why it’s a good idea to try out different shapes once you decide where to buy engagement rings in Toronto. Seeing photos online is no substitute for seeing how a diamond shape looks up closely and on your finger.

Luckily there are many diamond shapes to consider, so you should be able to find the right fit for you and your style. But where do you start? How do you begin? Read on to find out about the different shapes and what to keep in mind about each to help you find the best one.

Classic Round

Round cut diamonds are the most popular shape for a reason. They have a classic appeal and are flattering for many different hands and fingers. And then there’s their unrivalled brilliance. Round diamonds have various faceted patterns, and the shape allows for maximum light reflection.

Elegant Princess

Princess cut diamonds, otherwise known as square cut, are known for their square or rectangular outline and 90-degree corners. It’s another popular choice, partly because they’re designed to give maximum brilliance that’s only rivalled by round diamonds. 

One thing to note with princess cut diamonds is that it’s essential to ensure the setting you choose protects the stone, especially the corners.

Modern Oval

Oval diamonds are growing in popularity, partly because of how much they complement the finger they sit on. Oval cut diamonds make fingers look elongated. They’re also great for those who love the shape of round diamonds but want something slightly different. 

Sophisticated Emerald

Not to be confused with emerald gemstones, emerald cut diamonds have a rectangular shape with long parallel lines along the sides. Due to the rectangular shape, the stone appears larger than other shapes, even if the carat is less. 

Vintage Marquise

Another classic option, marquise shaped diamonds hail back to the days of King Louis XV of France. He wanted a diamond shaped to resemble his mistress’ lips. Like emerald cut diamonds, marquise diamonds appear larger and like princess diamonds, it’s important to choose a protective setting to prevent the points from chipping.

Trendy Pear

Pear cut diamonds unsurprisingly resemble the shape of a pear. It has a brilliance all its own that looks like the light is dancing through them and is a very popular option, in part due to its versatility. Because its shape isn’t symmetrical, it can be worn upside down for a very different, but no less stunning, look.

Antique Cushion

Cushion cut diamonds resemble pillows and are another vintage or antique option. Despite being around for more than 200 years, they blend trendy and traditional. While not as brilliant as other shapes, their light tends to have more fire.

Knowing more about the different diamond shapes can help to make the decision. If several speak to you, visit a jewelry store in person and try them out for yourself.