Different Types of Cough And Their Symptoms

A cough can be understood as the body’s way of responding when something irritates your throat. This irritation is usually caused by dust or postnasal drip. These irritants send a message to your brain which further signals the lungs and abdomen to throw out air to force the irritant to come out of your throat. Many coughs which come from the common cold and flu go away on their own and with the help of the best cough syrup. But if the cough came from more serious medical conditions, you need to treat the cause.  

An occasional cough is considered healthy and normal. But sometimes, it is prolonged, which indicates a serious medical condition. A cough can be forceful, vigorous, and even irritate the lungs and cause more coughing. And in serious situations, it can lead to sleeplessness, fainting or dizziness, urinary incontinence, headaches, and even broken ribs. 

But do you know there are many types of cough? If not, read on; here, we will discuss the different types of coughs and how to treat them at home.

Types of Coughs With Their Symptoms

Depending on the cough symptoms and their causes, the treatment varies. To determine the cause of your cough, it’s important to identify the type you have.

Here are the common types of coughs with their associated symptoms: 

  • Dry cough

Dry cough is usually the least severe, and it actually sounds dry. Nothing comes up with the cough, and it occurs persistently and randomly. It may lead to headaches, disturb your sleep, and cause a sore throat. It is generally caused by some sort of irritation to the throat, like pollution, allergens, or smoke, but they usually clean up on their own. It is generally associated with the common cold and flu. Also, some medications, acid reflux, and allergies can cause dry cough. It can signify a future lower respiratory infection, like pneumonia or bronchitis.   

  • Wet cough

Usually, a wet cough comes with some sort of mucus, which you should spit, if possible. Swallowing this mucus can lead to stomachache or vomiting. It is caused by some kind of infection, like a cold or flu. 

  • Croup

Generally, kids are more vulnerable to croup than adults. Anyone with a croup experiences a barking-like sound during coughing. It is caused by a viral infection and often results in swelling and inflammation in the windpipe.   

  • Uncontrollable coughing

Whooping cough is a severe type of cough, and it is characterized by fast, deep coughing and often gets worse at night. The cough is followed by a deep inhale, resulting in a “whoop” sound. It sometimes makes it difficult for people to inhale, which leads to oxygen deprivation. 

Tips for identifying which type of cough you have

Now, you are familiar with the different types of cough and their symptoms, you can easily identify the type you or your child is experiencing.

You will feel easier in identifying dry and wet coughs, but it will be a little more challenging to identify whooping and croup coughs. One way by which you may know about the cough you have is by its sound. 

In croup cough, you will experience a barking sound, whereas, in whooping cough, a “whoop” sound will come with a cough. If you or your child is continuously experiencing coughing, you should visit a healthcare physician.   

Tips for treating cough at home

Each type of cough requires a different kind of treatment. Usually, you do not need too much medication to treat cough; you can use the best cough syrup to get rid of it. But if you find the cough annoying or painful, you can use various medications available on the market. However, make sure to know the underlying cause of cough before using any medicine.

Here are some home remedies for cough treatment:

  • Take breathing in the steam or a hot shower
  • Use cough drops and lozenges
  • Drink hot beverages, especially with honey
  • Hydrate yourself aggressively with water and other low-sugar drinks
  • Consume ginger to reduce the inflammation
  • Use saline wash to clear out your sinuses
  • Take best cough syrups and mucus reducers
  • Use a diffuser or humidifier

Treating your cough at home is easy and will reduce your frustration of having a continuous cough.


Cough is extremely frustrating; not only is it annoying, but it also affects your overall well-being if you don’t give proper attention to your health. In order to treat your cough, it’s indispensable to know the type of cough you have. Above are some of the common types of cough with their symptoms that will help you know which type of cough you have. If you are still in doubt, it’s best to consult with a doctor. Although it goes away on its own, if you want to get quick relief from it, using the best cough syrup will help you. Choosing a homeopathic cough syrup is recommended as they are very beneficial and leave negligible side effects on the body.

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