Do You Make These Fashion Mistakes at the Beach?

In Australia, spring is just a couple of months away, and it is a great season for swimming in open waters.

After winter, beach bums are itching to take a dip in the cool, salty waters of the sea. While others simply want to walk on the shore, feel the sand on their feet, and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze.

And with the great beach weather inching near, you might be trying on different swimwear you have saved for such an occasion. From your tigerlily bikinis to those long flowy maxi dresses, your personal fashion show at home starts now. After all, no one wants to go to the beach unprepared.

But are you sure your fashion style is beach perfect? Be sure not to make the most common mistakes that others have regretted doing while basking in the sun, sea and sand.

Footwear No-no’s

Going to the beach means getting sand everywhere. So, unless you’re on the water or the shore only for a photo shoot, wearing heels is a no-no. Flip Flops and sand-friendly shoes are your most comfortable bet in a sandy setting.

And remember the reason why you’re out on the shore. If you just want to lounge around, relax and get some tan, you’d be better off barefoot while doing so. Or wear some swim shoes if you’re not comfortable without any footwear while going swimming.

Fatal Outfits

You have probably already practiced in your swimwear a couple of times at home. And it’s a good idea to do so. After all, what looks great on a model won’t always look great on everyone else. 

Trying different beach outfits will allow you to choose which ones to wear and what to pack that will make you look like a celebrity minus the fashion mishaps. And be conscious of the tan lines you’ll be getting.

But if you haven’t tried them on yet, just be sure to bring a swimsuit that’s safe enough to laze around and swim in. And once you’re ready to get out of your sexy bikini, a beach outfit that’s both comfortable and fashionable to get into is a must.

Remember to make people turn their heads for all the right reasons, and not because you look ridiculous in a dress made for winter rather than for the beach. 

To Accessorize or Not

There’s no point wearing accessories at the beach. You’ll probably just take them off when you go swimming or keep it somewhere safe when you sunbathe. You definitely don’t want that kind of responsibility when you plan on relaxing all day.

The only accessories you will want to bring are sunglasses and a beach hat. And that’s enough to make you look fashionable at the beach.

Make-up or Make Not

Make-up doesn’t do well in a place where sun, sea and sand dominate. Imagine going to the beach with a full make-up face. A couple of minutes in, and you’ll probably look like your face is melting. And you wouldn’t want that.

You can enjoy your time at the beach without having to worry about your make-up. There’s a typical beach look for that. All you need to put on is lots of sunscreen, a little bit of glow, some color on the lips, and a touch of waterproof mascara. 

The beach is the perfect place to unwind, whether you’re looking to relax under the sun or spend some energy on swimming and other water sports. You simply can’t deny the fact that the sea provides some of the best benefits to your physical and emotional health.

So, don’t ruin your day out on the beach by making the mistakes above. You can be quite fashionable and comfortable enough in your tigerlily swimwear and flip flops. 

What matters most is you enjoy your time and make the most of it.

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