Dos and Don’ts of Visiting the DMV for Car VIN Verification

Nobody likes waiting in line at the DMV. In 2020 during November the average wait time at the DMV for California residents was 27 minutes. Wait times can be multiple hours long if you are unlucky.

Unfortunately, if you need to get your car’s vehicle identification number or VIN, verified a trip to the DMV is most likely in your future. This guide will help you make your car VIN verification experience as easy as possible.

Get There Early

One of the best pieces of advice to avoid long wait times is to get there early. This means knowing the hours and operation of your DMV and arriving at least 20 minutes before when they first open.

Also, make sure to go during the middle of the week. Avoid Fridays and Mondays as this is the time when most people go to the DMV. 

Most DMV’s are closed on Sundays and some take appointments for Saturdays but are otherwise closed. Avoid going during lunch hours from 11 to 1 to beat crowds as well.

Bring Everything You Need

To get your car VIN verified you will need a couple of important documents. The first is your license or another equivalent form of identification. Chances are if you have a car you have a license, so just bring that.

If for some reason you don’t have a license bring your social security card or other proof of identification. 

Most DMV’s only require you to know your social security number. Others want the physical card or a copy of it for VIN verification.

Make sure to check with your DMV for what they require. Also, bring your car’s title or bill of sale. This will prove that the vehicle belongs to you and will help speed up your VIN verification process.

Next, bring a copy of your car’s registration. You will also need some sort of proof of address. Bring along a copy of a recent piece of mail that is addressed to you. 

The DMV should have all necessary VIN verification forms so don’t worry about bringing those along. For sanity’s sake, it may also behoove you to bring along a book, tablet, or other forms of entertainment if there is a long wait.

Find a Car VIN Verification Service

If visiting the DMV to get your VIN verified doesn’t appeal to you, it may be time to seek out the help of a car VIN number verifying service. Many services will travel to your residence to verify for VIN for a small fee.

For those who are fluent in Spanish, try They offer multiple different car-related services and cater to those who speak Spanish as their first language.

Calling a car VIN verification service may cost a bit more, but they save you time and stress. By calling one you can avoid the hassle of traveling to the DMV for a VIN verification.

Get Your Car VIN Verified

If your car VIN needs to be verified you have two options. You can either spend the rest of your day waiting in line at the DMV, or you can call a car VIN verification specialist.

Call a car VIN verification specialist today and save your precious time and energy from being squandered at the DMV. For all of your other news and information, make sure to check out the rest of our blog.