Enhance Your Smile Aesthetics With Invisalign

Crowded or crooked teeth can significantly affect your smile aesthetics, preventing you from smiling confidently and comfortably. Invisalign is an advanced method that addresses such orthodontic imperfections, giving you a chance to unlock your hidden smile. This treatment can also correct your bite, a disorder that may result in TMJ disorders if not corrected. If the alignment of your teeth is making your days miserable, you may consider Cedar Park Invisalign to obtain a symmetrical smile.

What should you know about Invisalign?

Invisalign refers to an orthodontic treatment that uses clear braces to enhance your smile. The Invisalign system is different from the traditional metal braces and brackets in that it is clear and does not distort your physical appearance. This orthodontic system covers your teeth and pulls them together over time into their correct position, giving you a symmetrical smile Invisalign dentist.

With Invisalign, your teeth are beautiful, comfortable, and aligned within a shorter period than traditional metal braces. Invisalign is a discreet and effective orthodontic technique for both teenagers and adults. Before receiving these clear aligners, your doctor may discuss your smile goals and expectations to create personalized aligners tailored to your unique needs.

What dental imperfections can Invisalign address?

The team at Freedom Orthodontics utilizes Invisalign to correct dental imperfections, such as underbite, crowded teeth, overbite, crooked teeth, open bite, overbite, and crossbite. If you also have wide spaces between your teeth, you can benefit from Invisalign. If you are doubtful about Invisalign being the proper treatment for your orthodontic concerns, consult your doctor at Freedom Orthodontics. Dr. Smith will be happy to educate you about how Invisalign works and its benefits.

What concerns can’t Invisalign address?

Invisalign is not an advisable treatment for significant movement of teeth, and in such complex cases, braces may be a more practical option. Some of the concerns that Invisalign may not be able to address include:

  • Tooth shape

If you have pegged, short, round, or teeth with severe tips, you may not benefit from aligners because the aligner may not have a good grip on the teeth to move them.

  • Large tooth gaps

Invisalign closes up to 6mm of space between teeth, beyond which it may not be as effective. If you have large gaps between teeth, you may need to consult your doctor first, who may recommend the appropriate treatment for you.

  • Midline discrepancy

Invisalign corrects midline discrepancy up to 2 mm to the right or left per arch. Beyond that limit, you may need braces.

This dentist in Leominster MA also adds that your Invisalign can also act as a mouth guard while you’re sleeping.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

You may need to wear your clear aligners for 22 hours a day to achieve maximum results within a short period. You can remove the aligners to take an important photo or give an important presentation and then return them afterward. You also don’t need to learn new tricks of keeping your teeth clean because you can take out your aligners when eating, brushing, or flossing.

To explore the benefits of Invisalign, call the Freedom Orthodontics office or visit the facility’s website to schedule an appointment.

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